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"A.J. got the sauce" ― A.J.'s iconic producer tag spoken by KidPatrick
Crystal Ash
if Buddha bless the beat then its fire
Born February 21, 2006
Place of birth The trap
Marital MC Icy (divorced)
Height 6'3
Weight Unknown
Eyes Brown
Aliases Apple Juice
Apple Juice Box
Ay Gey
A.J. Got the Sauce

Crystal Ash (formerly known as A.J.), is an American rapper, singer, songwriter, and producer formerly signed to Flex Entertainment.

She is known for her autotuned rapping style, bars about fucking bitches and being one of the earliest people in the Flex Entertainment community.

Background[edit | edit source]

Ash first became interested in music after she started paying attention to the soundtrack of Disney's Tron Legacy, composed by electronic duo Daft Punk, and from that grew a love for synths and saws. She began making mash-ups in middle school and producing beats for herself to post on her SoundCloud in early 2017, and got signed to Flex Entertainment on Christmas of 2018. Some time in the middle of 2019, Ash left Flex Entertainment and is now an independent artist. Ash makes music using Ableton Live.

Music career[edit | edit source]

2017–present: Commercial debut[edit | edit source]

In June of 2017, Ash released her first song, The Spider Ballet to her Youtube account, AJGaming123, which has been Privated. on December 28, 2018, Ash Released her first official EP, The Addressed Bean 64 EP, under a label.

On March 20, 2019, Ash released her debut Self-Titled Mixtape on Flex Entertainment to almost entirely bad reception. The album featured appearances from KidPatrick, Lil Kolya, and Yung Schmoobin. A Deluxe version was joked about but was never made.

On her birthday, Febuary 21st 2020, she released her album titled Dream Land. it includes surprise guest appearances from Kid Phang, Yung Schmoobin, Lil Milk, Yung Fiji Water, Emerald, Nathanhearts, Kidpatrick, Lil Mosquito Disease, & Lil Nesley.

On May 22, she released her collaboration album with fellow rapper Emerald titled "BLACK HOLES". It was received with pretty mediocre reception but has been aging better as time has gone on.

Ash released her next album, Neptune, on February 21st, 2021, exactly a year after Dream Land. It received mostly positive reception and was vastly seen as her best work.

Ash released another album on April 23 titled Encore. The album was a much shorter one than Neptune.

Controversies[edit | edit source]

Ash has had many troubles with her first label, Flex Entertainment and it's management. She still works with Flex's artists, however she left the label and signed to the Usagi Collective.

She also got a large amount of hate from her use of the "n-word" on Dream Land despite not being black. However, on her next project, Black Holes with Emerald, there are no uses of the word. Later on, she also reissued the Dream Land album, omitting the uses of the word.

She has gotten in several controversies with Flex Entertainment artists Yung Garfield and Yung Lambo as she banned both of them from her "Neptune" server. (Previously called Dream Land) She called Yung Garfield "the worst person I've ever met on this app" which received great flack from the Flex community as a rude comment. As of May 2021, Ash and Yung Lambo have put aside their "beef" and now Yung Lambo streams Rose Gold on repeat on Spotify.

In November 14, 2021, she got into drama with heartstopmiami as she uploaded their track she produced to public without their permission. Ash also left the collective she was in, NightOwls, herself. Since the tweets had been deleted and even the track right now, this may be resolved.

In 2023, Ash mysteriously blocked many people on Discord. We may never know the true reason but it has been speculated that it was due to famous moderator and "fatman" White Fury pinging A.J. many times in a Discord server.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  1. She is one of the main inventors of the genre "Juicecore", pioneered by her retired band "Apple Juice Box".
  2. She is known for her love of Adventure Time and her watch parties for seasons of the show.
  3. She is also known for her love of Jean Dawson, Deko, FIJIMACINTOSH and Katy Perry. She thinks Katy Perry is the best rapper alive.

Discography[edit | edit source]

Albums[edit | edit source]

  • Instruments (2018)
  • Dream Land (2020)
  • Black Holes [with 905emerald] (2020)
  • Neptune (2021)
  • Encore (2021)
  • Reboot (with Øff Lyne) (2021)
  • Crystal Ash (2022)
  • WHOISA.J. (with WhoisJordan) (2022)
  • reboot² (with Øff Lyne) (2023)

Mixtapes[edit | edit source]

  • A.J. (2019)

EPs[edit | edit source]

  • The Addressed Bean 64 (2018)
  • True Christian Boi (2018)
  • NEON PSYCHOX (2022)

Singles[edit | edit source]

List of singles
Title Year Album
"Peek a Boo"
(featuring Lil Mosquito Disease & Hood Guy)
2019 non-album single
"Melee" Flex Gang Vol. 1
"Space Wraith" non-album singles
"Green and Purple"
(featuring Lil Mosquito Disease)
"Discord in the Trap"
"Times Up"
(with 905emerald)
2020 Black Holes
(with 905emerald)
"Venice 2"
(with 905emerald & featuring Lil Mosquito Disease & Lil Toy Yoda )
(featuring Yung Schmoobin & J1D)

Promotional Singles[edit | edit source]

List of singles
Title Year Charts Certification Album
"Euphemism of This World"
(with Submarine Man)
2019 94 31
  • FLEX: Gold
Flex Gang, Vol 1
"Just For Show"
(with Lil Mosquito Disease & Yung Schmoobin)
2020 16 19 12 Flex Gang, Vol 2

Awards and nominations[edit | edit source]

Year Association Category Work Result
2023 Flex Awards Best Collaboration "All of the Stories" Nominated