From Flex Entertainment
The Goat!
Born September 10, 2008
Species Human)
Height 5'2
Eyes Dark Brown

CoryNash is an Amercain rapper/singer/internet meme. He first blew up with the song Nonstop from his album Kurama. He has then been making hits ever since such as Flawless, Never Cared At All (feat. Mario Judah), Cannot Die, and more. Cory has also been friends with artist Kenny Mgee who they both made the song What? becoming a classic hit for the Flex Gang. CoryNash also goes by the number 39, the reason this is is because he saw this number everywhere he went and he just adopted the fact that 39 was his number. Cory also claims that Yeat is a huge influence to his music career and he says that “without Yeat there would be no CoryNash” this is obvious because Cory seems to use Yeats sound a lot but also mixing it with a Trippie x SoFaygo rage type of sound