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Deluxe Version Cover Art
Deluxe Version Cover Art
Artist Royal Flush
Released August 11, 2023
Recorded 2023
Genre Hip Hop • Trap • Meme Rap • R&B
Length 1:29:05 (Original)

1:00:25 (Director's Cut) 1:56:52 (CD Version)

Label Flex Entertainment
Producers Various

DEION. is the debut mixtape of American rapper, Royal Flush. Recorded over the course of 10 days in a series of private Discord calls, the mixtape was released on August 11, 2023 under Flex Entertainment, and contains guest appearances from Yung Snoozy, Twisted Wizard and Jorge De Guzman. Upon first release, it initially received mixed reviews, but has resurged in popularity due to the novelty of hits such as "Why Can't I Say It?" and "Bill Cosby (Emotional)." A deluxe pack was released on February 10, 2024, with a physical CD containing the original version and deluxe pack releasing on March 12, 2024.

Tracklists[edit | edit source]

Original Version[edit | edit source]

  1. Voice Message
  2. Women
  3. I'm Tarzan
  4. Ass
  5. Jimmy G
  6. Donald Obama
  7. Tyrone Is Coming
  8. I Hate Gas Leaks
  9. Oww
  10. Why Can't I Say It?
  11. Jamaican Jackoff
  12. Pop Your Perc Freestyle
  13. Homies 2 (feat. Yung Snoozy)
  14. Lips to the Milking Machine
  15. Watchmojo (feat. Twisted Wizard)
  16. I Fucked / I Fucked Up
  17. Japalien
  18. My Sensei Touches Me
  19. She Likes My WeeWee
  20. Look What You Made Me Do
  21. Paparazzi Playhouse
  22. Bill Cosby (Emotional)
  23. White Tiger King
  24. Storage Wars
  25. Batman
  26. Dumb Like Retarded
  27. My Father Shot Your Father
  28. Throwing Uranium At Dogs
  29. Raw Thoughts 6
  30. Super Duper Wacky Bus
  31. Lodging My Game Controller in my Neighbor's Head Because I Lost (feat. Jorge De Guzman)

Streaming Version (Also known as the Director's Cut)[edit | edit source]

  1. Voice Message
  2. Donald Obama
  3. Jimmy G
  4. Tyrone Is Coming
  5. I Hate Gas Leaks (Skit)
  6. Oww
  7. Why Can't I Say It?
  8. Jamaican Jackoff
  9. Homies 2 (feat. Yung Snoozy)
  10. Lips to the Milking Machine
  11. Watchmojo (feat. Twisted Wizard)
  12. I Fucked / I Fucked Up
  13. She Likes My WeeWee
  14. Paparazzi Playhouse
  15. Bill Cosby (Emotional)
  16. Storage Wars
  17. White Tiger King
  18. Throwing Uranium At Dogs
  19. Raw Thoughts 6
  20. Lodging My Game Controller in my Neighbor's Head Because I Lost (feat. Jorge De Guzman)

Deluxe Tracks[edit | edit source]

  1. Too Cold 2
  2. Hitler Be Poopin' (feat. Charcuterie Board)
  4. Wanna Fuck the Blonde One
  5. Gay Banana
  6. Fucking Narc
  7. Top
  8. Tuna Car Crash

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  1. Controversy struck when Flush released a music video for the song "Women" on the Flex Entertainment YouTube channel, which not only blocked a video release of the Kellan Miller & The Basterds album, "Juvenilia," but also struck the channel for breaking community guideline violations, which would lead Flush to apologize for it not too long after.[1]
  2. "Bill Cosby (Emotional)" has an error in the streaming version where the song initially fades out, and then there is a few seconds of silence before the outro of the song suddenly plays a second time.
  3. "Super Duper Wacky Bus" had a music video released under the short-lived "Trash Fire Records" entertainment label created by Tophat.
  4. The music video for "Why Can't I Say It?" currently sits at more than 7k views on YouTube, making it the 7th most popular video on the Flex Entertainment YouTube channel.
  5. Some tracks on the CD version of DEION. are creatively censored on the back cover's tracklist. "Dumb Like Retarded" is simply labeled as "Dumb," and "Hitler Be Poopin'" is humorously censored as "Hitler Be P***in'."
  6. Additionally, "Hitler Be Poopin'" is titled as "HBP" on streaming services to avoid troubles with official sites such as Spotify & Apple Music, as well as to hide the acronym's meaning for the purpose of selling the joke of the song better.
  7. "Tuna Car Crash" is not allowed to be uploaded onto SoundCloud due to troubles with a mysterious copyright.

References[edit | edit source]