From Flex Entertainment
Born August 3, 2007
Place of birth Ingerland
Martial Single
Height 5'10
Weight Skinny
Eyes Blue

E.M.B.E.E is a British rapper who is currently signed to Flex Entertainment. He was also the co-founder and owner of the now-defunct record label "Billion Dollar Records". On November 23rd 2020, EmBee signed to Flex Entertainment during its merge with his label Billion Dollar Records. He was kicked from Flex Entertainment in late October 2021, however he was signed back in February 2022. He is expected to be the next Flex superstar and become one of the biggest artists in the label.

Career[edit | edit source]

2019: Humble Beginnings & Icy Records[edit | edit source]

E.M.B.E.E started to make music in April 2019, he initially started off by making "beats" that only consisted of Soundtrap loops. Sometime later in the year, he began to write lyrics for his debut single "Bye Flexers". This was a diss track on Flex Entertainment, as for some reason E.M.B.E.E really did not like Flex initially. After months of procrastinating, the single finally dropped on October 30th 2019. The single, featuring mysterious rapper TK, was panned by pretty much everyone for its awful lyrics and audio quality. The horrible diss tracks didn't end here however as literally one day later, E.M.B.E.E released another diss track on Flex featuring TK called "Dyslexia" with a sequel following the next day. These 2 songs received similar critical reception to Bye Flexers. During November, E.M.B.E.E continued to release more abysmal singles like "Gacha Devil" and "Rising." During this era of E.M.B.E.E's career, he met another rapper named MC Icy on Discord. Icy was known at this time for his Submarine Man diss tracks which were also critically panned. After talking for some time, the two decided to make a song together. They recorded and released "Newcomers" sometime later. The song, which yet again disses Flex, was met with negative reception but was considered to be an improvement over the two's previous music.

Finally, in December 2019, E.M.B.E.E finally made amends with Flex Entertainment. Shortly after this, E.M.B.E.E founded Icy Records with MC Icy and fellow rapper Wild Wes. A few days later, E.M.B.E.E released his first project, Rising. It was met with entirely negative reviews. The project was criticized for E.M.B.E.E's poor vocal quality and abysmal lyrics, it did receive some praise for it's production however.

2020: The Hip-Hop Files, Studio & Billion Dollar Records[edit | edit source]

E.M.B.E.E continued to drop more music in 2020, starting off with his instrumental project Sounds of the Studio. The project received mixed to negative reviews. The album has since been taken down except for a few songs, E.M.B.E.E considers it to be his worst project. In January 2020, E.M.B.E.E released the first 2 singles to his then-upcoming mixtape The HIp-Hop Files, Relaxin' and Call Me A Sicko. Both singles received mixed reviews. Up until April, E.M.B.E.E continued to release several singles for the mixtape. The Hip-Hop FIles eventually came out on April 1 that year. It was surprisingly met with mostly positive reviews, with it being considered a massive improvement over EmBee's last 2 projects.

Unfortunately, E.M.B.E.E became involved in more issues with Flex in May that year, as tensions began to rise between Icy Records and Flex. These tensions hit a climax after Icy called Yung Schmoobin the r-slur, this lead to many Icy Records members (including E.M.B.E.E) to be banned from Flex Entertainment. Thankfully these tensions came to an end after MC Icy resigned from Icy Records in July.

In that same month, E.M.B.E.E dropped one of his biggest songs to date, Scottish Bagpipes Freestyle. The song was met with mixed-to-positive reviews and is currently his biggest song on Spotify.

In August, E.M.B.E.E became the CEO of CRZRecords after then-owner CRZFawkz left, the label was quickly renamed to Billion Dollar Records.

In November, E.M.B.E.E dropped his second mixtape, Studio. Due to a lack of promotion it received very little attention. Shortly after this, E.M.B.E.E engaged in a short-lived beef with WT for some reason. He released a diss called Fuck WT, which was critically panned.

In late November, Billion Dollar Records was sold to Flex after a deal was reached between E.M.B.E.E and Lil Mosquito Disease. Several of the BDR artists were kicked after the merge, including E.M.B.E.E himself, however he was signed officially shortly after.

2021: Flex Entertainment, E.M.B.E.E and Independence.[edit | edit source]

Throughout 2021, E.M.B.E.E rarely released much music, he cited procrastination and a lack of ideas as the reasons why. In February, he released his first single under Flex, ProudMumbleRapper. Coffin Freestyle followed shortly after in March. E.M.B.E.E would then go 3 months without dropping any new music. His third song under Flex, AT&T, dropped in June that year. E.M.B.E.E then dropped another single called Freestyle in August. After this, he began to record and write much more music as he began to record his self-titled debut album. E.M.B.E.E released the final single, Hurricane (with Lil Soz) for his album in September.

Unfortunately for E.M.B.E.E, disaster struck as he was kicked from Flex Entertainment just 2 days before his long awaited debut album was meant to drop. Despite this tragedy, E.M.B.E.E would still release his debut album 2 days later as intended. The album received mixed-to-positive reviews, with the opening track XO becoming one of E.M.B.E.E's most popular songs.

After his debut album, E.M.B.E.E began to record for his next mixtape, Good Ass Job. 2 singles were released for it, Genius and Futsal Shuffle 2022. The tape dropped on December 24 and was met with negative reviews.

2022: Return to Flex, E.M.B.E.E 2, Tom's Black Knights and BARTER 7.[edit | edit source]

E.M.B.E.E started off the year by announcing his second album, E.M.B.E.E 2 in January.

In February 2022, E.M.B.E.E started a campaign to get him back into Flex Entertainment, the #EmBeeBack campaign. The campaign proved to be popular, with many people endorsing it. The campaign also proved to be successful, as E.M.B.E.E was resigned to Flex on February 12th. E.M.B.E.E celebrated this by dropping a deluxe to E.M.B.E.E, featuring 2 new tracks and 3 remixes. Later that month, E.M.B.E.E dropped a diss track on Russia titled "Russia Diss Track". The song was a hit, as it reached over 1k views on YouTube and peaked on the Flex Hot 100 at #5.

However, 2 months later, disaster nearly struck once again as E.M.B.E.E was nearly kicked from Flex once again. After hearing about this, E.M.B.E.E enlisted Hood Guy to make a song with him. The song dropped later that month under the name "Codeine Crazy Dreaming", the single also featured Lil Quick. It was met with positive reviews, it is considered to be E.M.B.E.E's best song.

In the next month, E.M.B.E.E dropped his second album, E.M.B.E.E 2. The album was met with unanimous critical acclaim. It currently sits at a score of 72/100 on AlbumOfTheYear

Shortly after E.M.B.E.E 2 dropped, E.M.B.E.E contacted Hood Guy with the idea of making a collab album together. Hood Guy agreed with his idea and production soon started. The album was announced in early July under the name BARTER 7. The first single, NSFW, dropped shortly after. It was met with positive reviews. BARTER 7 was meant to drop on July 15, but due to it being incomplete it was later delayed until December that year.

In response to Tom's White Knights existing, E.M.B.E.E and Kenny Mgee created the hip hop duo Tom's Black Knights, who released the song "It's Coming Home" on September 3rd, 2022, the same day as the Tom's White Knights album Land Of The Free. The song outsold the entire album, which led to it becoming E.M.B.E.E's first and so far only #1 hit on the Flex Hot 100. To celebrate, Tom's Black Knights released a follow-up single "It Came Home", then broke up immediately after.

In December, the long awaited BARTER 7 was finally released. It received positive reviews.

2023: Major collaborations & E.M.B.E.E 3[edit | edit source]

Immediately after the release of BARTER 7, E.M.B.E.E went straight back to work and started working on his next studio album.

The year started off with the release of ROCKSTAR, featuring fellow brit Kenny Mgee. The song was originally released in November 2022 featuring acclaimed rapper Rich The Kid, however it was taken down due to licensing issues. Whilst the original version was met with mixed reviews, the re-release was met with more favourable responses. Days after the re-release, a remix with the mysterious DJ Randall was released to critical acclaim.

Shortly after the release of ROCKSTAR, E.M.B.E.E released another single named Top Tier. The song featured Dizzy Wright, who has worked with artists such as Logic and Tory Lanez, and the notorious MC Icy. The song was met with positive reviews.

With many people wondering what E.M.B.E.E would drop next, he stunned everyone on February 10 with the release of WHAT A HORRIBLE WORLD onto the Flex channel. The song was panned by practically everyone due to its the songs bizarre nature and awful singing, though it was praised for being funny. The song is currently the joint-lowest rated song of all time on AlbumOfTheYear, sitting at a score of 1/100 based on 51 ratings.

In March, E.M.B.E.E released another single named "KEYS" with the acclaimed Yung Lambo. The song also features famous rapper Rick Ross, it was met with polarizing reviews. The song currently sits at a score of 47/100 based on 15 ratings. Despite the poor reviews the song was a huge success, amassing 12,000 streams and becoming both E.M.B.E.E's and Lambo's biggest song to date.

On April 5, E.M.B.E.E revealed his next album "E.M.B.E.E 3" to the public. The release date, cover art and tracklist were all revealed with this announcement. The album was scheduled to release on April 14 but due to several last-minute issues it was delayed to May 5.

On April 26, E.M.B.E.E released the final single "Humping Around". Despite having a low debut in its first week, charting at #65, it eventually went on to peak at #1 following the release of E.M.B.E.E 3.

On May 5, the album officially dropped. The album was met with divided responses, currently sitting at a 44/100 on AOTY. Despite the mixed reviews, the album was a major commercial success outselling Submarine Man's long-awaited third album "Palace of Feet."

On May 19, the song "Harry Kane", featuring Gucci Mane & Lil Mosquito Disease, was released as a single. It was met with favourable reviews.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • It is a well known fact that E.M.B.E.E carries Yung Lambo at Fortnite.
  • It has been speculated that E.M.B.E.E is actually fellow rapper 4Pac, these accusations have neither been proven true or false.
  • He has mentioned his massive hatred for Birmingham and Wales many times.
  • He is known for expressing his great love for the Tottenham Hotspur Football Club, as well as his hatred for the Manchester United and Arsenal Football Clubs
  • He is one of the only British rappers signed to Flex.

Discography[edit | edit source]

Albums[edit | edit source]

Title Details Peak chart positions Sales Certifications
  • Released: October 29, 2021
  • Label: Independent
  • Formats: Digital download, streaming
5 50
  • BMP: 160,000
E.M.B.E.E 2 9 5
  • BMP: 230,000
  • FLEX: 22,000
E.M.B.E.E 3 11 2
  • BMP: 790,000
  • BMP: Gold
  • FLEX: 2x Platinum

Mixtapes[edit | edit source]

Title Details Peak chart positions Sales Certifications
  • Released: December 22, 2019
  • Label: Icy Records
  • Formats: Digital download, streaming
  • BMP: 100,000
Sounds Of The Studio
  • Released: January 14, 2020
  • Label: Icy Records
  • Formats: Digital download, streaming
The Hip-Hop Files
  • Released: April 1, 2020
  • Label: Icy Records
  • Formats: Digital download, streaming
  • BMP: 160,000
  • Released: November 13, 2020
  • Label: Billion Dollar Records
  • Formats: Digital download, streaming
  • BMP: 90,000
Good Ass Job
  • Released: December 24, 2021
  • Label: Icy Records
  • Formats: Digital download, streaming
  • BMP: 90,000
  • Released: December 16, 2022
  • Label: Flex Entertainment
  • Formats: Digital download, streaming
16 2
  • BMP: 130,000
  • FLEX: Gold

EPs[edit | edit source]

Title Details Peak chart positions Sales Certifications
The Bad Boy 2
  • Released: December 16, 2019
  • Label: Icy Records
  • Formats: Digital download, streaming
Devils Night, Vol. 1
  • Released: February 8, 2020
  • Label: Icy Records
  • Formats: Digital download, streaming
Devils Night, Vol. 2
  • Released: June 10, 2020
  • Label: Icy Records
  • Formats: Digital download, streaming
Devils Night, Vol. 3
  • Released: August 23, 2020
  • Label: Billion Dollar Records
  • Formats: Digital download, streaming
Birthday Pack 1
  • Released: August 3, 2022
  • Label: Flex Entertainment
  • Formats: Digital download, streaming
  • BMP: 50,000

Singles[edit | edit source]

Title Year Charts Certifications Album


"Bye Flexers" 2019 non-album single
"Dyslexia" Rising
"Dyslexia Part 2" non-album single
"Rising" Rising
"Gacha Devil"
"Bust Down Freestyle"
"San Andreas" 2020 non-album single
"Relaxin'" The Hip-Hop Files
"Call Me A Sicko" 59 64 96
"One Minute" non-album single
"Wes' Diss" The Hip-Hop Files
"Got Drip"
"Lyricism & Criticism"
"Dance Down"
"Not Alive"
"Got to Get It" non-album single
"Scottish Bagpipes Freestyle" 32 54 14 22
  • FLEX: Gold
"Pulling Up" non-album singles
"Run It Up"
"Astronaut" Studio
"#ProudMumbleRapper" 2021 E.M.B.E.E
"Coffin Freestyle" 85 65
"AT&T" 61 75 46
"Freestyle" 94 81
"Hurricane" 56 84 36 71
"Count Up" 87 Good Ass Job
"Futsal Shuffle 2022" 90
"Wrist" 2022 non-album singles
"Lean" 58 99 41
"Russia Diss Track" 5 53 1
  • FLEX: Platinum
(solo or featuring Riccardo)
49 76 32 E.M.B.E.E 2
(feat. Lil Soz)
53 45 31 61
  • FLEX: Gold
"MC Icy Diss Track" 34 53 19 non-album single
"Codeine Crazy Dreaming"
(with HOOD GUY)
18 64 11 34
  • FLEX: Platinum
E.M.B.E.E 2
"Oliverbosslol Diss Track" 84 non-album singles
(solo or featuring CRZFawkz)
46 69 30 78
  • FLEX: Gold
(with HOOD GUY)
7 29 5 26
  • FLEX: Platinum
"It's Coming Home"
(as Tom's Black Knights)
1 1 9 13
  • FLEX: 2x Platinum
non-album singles
"It Came Home"
(as Tom's Black Knights)
21 78 15 74
"NSFW 2" 52 84 33
  • FLEX: Gold
"Check On Me"
(with HOOD GUY)
16 46 9 98
  • FLEX: Gold
"One Eyed Demogorgon"
(with HOOD GUY)
38 94 21 71
(feat. Kenny Mgee or Rich The Kid)
2023 2 13 5 2 2
  • FLEX: 4x Platinum
  • BMP: Gold
E.M.B.E.E 3
"Top Tier"
(feat. MC Icy and Dizzy Wright)
7 24 4 4
  • FLEX: Platinum
"What A Horrible World" 1 34 22 1 36
  • FLEX: 2x Platinum
(with Yung Lambo feat. Rick Ross)
1 17 2 1
  • FLEX: 4x Platinum
"Humping Around"
(feat. Sean Kingston)
1 1 14 1
"Get Over Here (Levelboy Diss Track)" 7 3 non-album single
"Harry Kane"
(feat. Lil Mosquito Disease & Gucci Mane)
1 23 18 1 E.M.B.E.E 3

Promotional Singles[edit | edit source]

Title Year Charts Album


"Ivan Knight Diss Track" 2022 87 75 N/A
(feat. Sean Kingston)
2023 78 41
"What A Horrible World 2 - What A Horrible SPURS" 17 10 TBA
"Real Friends (Yung Lambo Diss)" 73 32

Features[edit | edit source]

Title Year Charts Certifications Album


(Lil Pinecone feat. E.M.B.E.E.)
2022 31 65 21 89
  • FLEX: Gold
The Zanpook Collection

Other Charted Songs[edit | edit source]

Title Year Charts Certifications Album


"Making G's"
(Wild Wes feat. E.M.B.E.E.)
2021 22 13 53 Moonquake
"The Drill"
(Lil Soz feat. E.M.B.E.E. & Lil Tax Fraud)
34 65 22 75
  • FLEX: Gold
Soz Op
"Count Up"
(Hood Guy feat. E.M.B.E.E. & MC Icy)
14 42 11
  • FLEX: Gold
"Draco" 94 89 E.M.B.E.E.
"ABC" 97 78
"Menace 3.5"
(feat. E.M.B.E.E.)
95 83 NARCISSIST / Kanye Pooh
"Booth Part 2"
(feat. Lil Soz)
2022 45 87 35 52 E.M.B.E.E. 2
(feat. CRZFawkz)
47 94 36 58
"Chris Dior Jacket" 48 37 85
(feat. Riccardo)
49 38 66
"Out of Luck" 50 39
(feat. Wild Wes)
51 40
"Jacques" 52 41
(feat. pplettuce)
54 42
"Lamborghini On Fire"
(feat. Young Seagull)
55 43
(feat. Mr Ice)
56 44
"Going Out Sad"
(feat. Koffdrop)
57 45
"Nothing To Lose" 58 46
"Jimmy Neutron" 59 47
"Tension" 60 48
"Arsenic N' Coffee"
(Homer Misnomer feat. E.M.B.E.E.)
57 87 35 87 Hurricane Homer
"Mid Cudi"
(feat. Hood Guy)
86 76 Birthday Pack 1
(feat. Lil Spemr)
"Super Skatpack"
(with Hood Guy)
35 76 22 BARTER 7
(with Hood Guy)
36 79 23
(with Hood Guy)
37 86 24
"One Eyed Demogrogon"
(with Hood Guy feat. Hood Child & Lil Empire Today)
38 95 25
"Time To Get Shiesty"
(with Hood Guy)
39 26
"Inside Voice"
(with Hood Guy)
41 27
"Why Do Luv Hurt"
(with Hood Guy)
42 28
"Dinner with Jay Z"
(feat. E.M.B.E.E. & Hood Child)
23 56 12 33 Ogre's Revenge
(feat. CL0WHN)
2023 27 18 15 9 E.M.B.E.E. 3
(feat. Tending Bike)
29 19 16 10
"SHE TWERK THAT XXL A$$" 19 20 17 11
"See No Evil"
(feat. Cam'ron)
32 29 18 12
(feat. Lil Soz & Error404)
34 21 19 16
(feat. Cam'ron)
31 30 20 13
"4 Tha Gang"
(feat. Yinte & Milk Man)
35 31 21 15
"10 Inch Rollie"
(feat. Kenny Mgee & Juicy J)
23 24 23 14
"No Shrekii Left Behind"
(feat. Lil Mosquito Disease)
34 25 24 17
"Ice Cuban Link"
(feat. Wild Wes)
47 18