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japanese goblin
Born December 6, 2007 (age 14)
Place of birth Helsinki, Finland
Height 5'5
Weight Very Skinny
Eyes Brown
Aliases Error
Granny Killa
Steel Ball Man

Error is a Finnish rapper, singer, producer, songwriter, professional granny killer, and a stroopwafel restaurant owner. He was signed to Flex on the 23th of July 2022. He often raps about killing grannies and apples, but his topics change often. He usually makes trap/rap sometimes mixed with experimental elements.

Music Career[edit | edit source]

May Of 2019,[edit | edit source]

On the 30th Of May, Error was outside with his good friend Armok, and he said "we should make a song". Then they would take a beat from youtube and record over it, later Puskamies, their other friend joined them. Together they made their first song "Kaikkee Paskaa" which translates to "All The Shit" In this song they rap about random stuff like poop, growtopia scamming, pasta, gun violence, swearing, eating ass and farting, and other things. The music video for this song was made at the same time as the song. This song never got released like all of Errors 2019 songs.

2019 - Early 2020[edit | edit source]

Error would go on to make music but never release it, such as Pähkinöitä (Feat. Armok), Juon Laavaa, Liekkipeikko, Sekasin (Feat. Armok), Kokeisiinluku. He even made a collab tape with Armok called "Jalka Katkarapu" which translates to "Foot Shrimp". It included songs such as "Fortnite Skini" (Fortnite Skin), "Aseet" (Guns), Kamikaze and the title track "Jalka Katkarapu" (Foot Shrimp). This album got lost when Armok got a new phone.

Mid 2020 - Early 2021[edit | edit source]

This was the first time Error released his music, he dropped many freestyles to his soundcloud during summer. "Minä Kävelen" as the most notable one. All of these were deleted later (except Testi) He also made songs with Hasuglaani (A group Armok, Puskamies, and Error made), They dropped 3 Terraria songs, which were freestyled while they were playing Terraria. They were also recording a youtube video at the same time, that video would be released and called "Terraria Hasuilua". They also dropped a single called "Nänni" (Nipple). Then Error would release songs such as "Tarinoita vanhoista miehistä", "Sairaala Murha" and "Arabialainen Hauska". Error took these songs and made a mixtape called "Nauru Poika" (Laugh Boy). The title came from the fact that Error laughed very much while making these songs. Nauru Poika was later deleted. (except Arabialainen Hauska) Then he would release an 8 track ep titled "Sienimaailma" (Mushroom World). All of the songs on Sienimaailma were about mushrooms. Sienimaailma would also be deleted later. Then Error would make 2 songs about The Legend Of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild, called "Seksistikylä" and "Vanha Booris". Again these would be deleted later. Then error dropped an album called "Sahramin Sydän" (Saffrons Heart) This album contained a sequel to "Testi" called "KOKO VERSIO"). This would also be deleted later. Then Error tried to make a pink season parody album called "Räjähtävä Pizza" (Exploding Pizza), but didn't finish it. Next he dropped a suprise album called "Yllätys" (Suprise) This was deleted later. Then Error would release a long awaited song with Hasuglaani, called "Puskajuna" (Bushtrain).

Mid 2021 - Late 2021[edit | edit source]

Hasuglaani would start working on an album called "Mummo Madness" (Grandma Madness) in May. Then in June Error released 2 Submarine Man inspired singles called "Crooti" and "Lumberfoot". And a double single called "hublot irjt tout igmogi". He also released a disstrack on mosquitos called "Hyttys disstrack". "Then in July he released 5 singles. "Flexaan" (Undertale Freestyle). This single was inspired the famous ginger Payden McKnight. The single "Omena Ja Dinosaurus Aan Sisällä" (Ft. Puskamies) was released right after. Error also released a weird single called "Disjue". After that Error released Italialainen (Italian) and a bunch of random singles such as "Armokin Märkä Päivä" (Armoks Wet Day), "Nänni Acapella" (Nipple Acapella), A collab with his friend Abel, called "Helium Vaivat" (Helium Problems), "Kissojen Valtakunta" (Kingdom Of Cats) which would become one of his most played songs. And then on September 7th, Mummo Madness, Hasuglaanis experimental debut album, was released, the album contained previous singles "Nänni" and "Puskajuna. Mummo Madness originally contained 13 songs. But one of them "Kissojen Valtakunta 2", a sequel to "Kissojen Valtakunta", was deleted. After that Error released 3 singles, "Video Games In Monkey Business", Puutarha (Garden), "Aina Puuhissasi" (Always on your toes) (not an accurate translation). He also released a collab acapella ep with Armok called "Horweb Kassike, Habanero Juusto" (Horweb Balsauce, Habanero Cheese). Then he released 2 singles "auta mua" (help me) and My Blessing (Ft. Puskamies. And a new ep called "Vehnämyllyn Kuolema" (Wheatmills death) Which told a story about a man named Lil Vehnämylly. Lil Vehnämylly loved Obama so much that Obama turned into a demon, and killed Lil Vehnämylly. Then he made a song called "Dreams" and a song with Abel called "Atomipommi" (Atomic Bomb). Then he released a single called "Voronado" where he read a comic called "Voro 2". After that he released a single on his birthday called "Vihanneksia, Lihaa ja Verta" (Vegetables, Meat And Blood). Even though Error had already double tracked on "Mummoja ja nännejä" (Grannies And Nipples), this is the song that Error found his signature double tracking sound on. This was also the time Error started releasing his songs to streaming services. First he used Freshtunes and later Distrokid.

2022[edit | edit source]

Hasuglaani started working on a song called "Stalker haisee" (Stalker stinks). This song has not been released yet but may release someday. Then Hasuglaani relesed a song called "Prinsessa Mononoke söi mut" (Princess Mononoke ate me). Error went on to release 4 more singles (and a bunch of shitposts) before he was signed, "Pyromaani Pelottelee Mua" (Pyromancer Is Scaring Me), "Salaneuvos", "The Boss Can Sock Me" and a collab with flex artist Koffdrop called "Tapan Mummoja". He was signed to Flex on the 23th of July.

Discography[edit | edit source]

ALBUMS[edit | edit source]

(2020) Jalka Katkarapu (W/Armok)

(2021) Sahramin Sydän

(2021) Yllätys

(2021) Mummo Madness (Hasuglaani)

MIXTAPES[edit | edit source]

(2020) Nauru Poika

EPS[edit | edit source]

(2020) Sienimaailma

(2021) Horweb Kassike, Habanero Juusto

(2021) Vehnämyllyn Kuolema

(2022) Korva

Awards and nominations[edit | edit source]

Year Association Category Work Result
2023 Flex Awards Best Posse Cut "Rare Fish" Nominated