Kenny Mgee

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Kenny Mgee
Kenny Mgee in a white shirt covered with "blood"
Born June 16, 2006
Place of birth Scotland
Marital Single
Height 5,10"
Weight Unknown
Eyes Green
Relatives Duggy G (brother)

James Steel (born June 16, 2006) better known by his stage name Kenny Mgee is a Scottish rapper, singer, songwriter, producer and music marketer. He was signed to Flex Entertainment after being discovered by Flex Entertainment executive Yung Lambo. Kenny Mgee was previously a co-owner a record label named "Dominja Records" before being signed to Flex.

He is best known for his songs "DO THA CLUB", "Ur Gonna Die", "CRACKIN FINGAZ", "GET THAT SHIT", "Red Black Mercedes" and his signature smash hit "UP 2 U". He has also released several controversial songs with high-profile features such as "Red Black Mercedes" featuring Rick Ross, "MONROE." featuring 2 Chainz and "AINT NO MONEY TO ME." featuring Gucci Mane. His two projects under Flex Entertainment "Split Personalities" and "Kenny Mgee Presents Flex Fridays" both received positive reviews and contained various popular singles.

His music contains a signature vocal cadence and Scottish accent, with a tendency to reuse the same lyrics; over half his songs contain the phrase "look in ma eyes". All of his music is trap. His constant dropping of music videos and activity in the Flex community have led many to think that Kenny Mgee is "five steps ahead" of anyone else. He is said to be Lil Squeaky's "apprentice."

Career[edit | edit source]

Beginnings and Dominja Records (2018-2020)[edit | edit source]

Kenny began his music career in 2018 with his " Diss Track"[1] dissing fellow Scottish YouTuber J.Cam. The song would blow up and caused J.Cam to respond with 3 diss tracks of his own, although one of them has since been deleted. A year later in 2019, Kenny Mgee would release his first album titled "Doing My Thang"[2] . The album would do well for Kenny at the time and had the hits "Fortnite Is The Best"[3] and the now infamous "Khereese Diss Track"[4].

After releasing his first album, Kenny would create his own record label with his former adversary who was now going under the stage name "Lil Big Jacko as well as his own brother Duggy G. The record label would be called "Dominja Records"[5]. He would release multiple singles under the label as well as founding a rap group caled "DIARY OF THA HOOD" with the aforementioned Lil Big Jacko, Duggy G as well as now retired rapper "Yo Da." The group would end up releasing only two songs "Zoom Freestyle" and "Long Time Coming", the latter of which being more popular. Both songs have since become lost media.

Doing My Thang Part 2 & signing to Flex Entertainment (2021-Early 2022)[edit | edit source]

On December 25 2021, Kenny would release a sequel to his first album titled "Doing My Thang Part 2"[6]. Kenny would create this album under a new and renewed mindset of creating music that is not only fun but better and much more well made. The album would be based around a story of Kenny being put under pressure to release a new album only for it to be called trashed and resulting in him being subsequently murdered. After releasing this album, Kenny would take a two month break from working or releasing music.

In February 2022, Kenny would begin production on a third sequel to his two part "Doing My Thang" album series. The album however would quickly shift from a sequel to his previous into something much more. Kenny would change the name of the project to "SPLIT PERSONALITIES" and decided that it would be split into 3 parts. Kenny would release a single on March 22 titled "Dogfights"[7]. He would promote this single in the Flex Entertainment Discord server and eventually attract the attention of executive Yung Lambo. Lambo would listen to the track and state "Can Someone Sign This Guy?" before signing Kenny to Flex Entertainment.

Kenny would become an instant favorite in Flex Entertainment as he would spend a lot of time getting to know most artists in the label and had a very positive outlook and mentality to making music. He would show Flex Entertainment owner Lil Mosquito Disease his second album "DOING MY THANG PART 2" with Mosquito enjoying the album and calling it "very enjoyable". Kenny would also spend time on the Flex Entertainment Minecraft server, building what most would consider to be the best house although it would be bombed by several creepers over the server's existence.

He would release various singles with all of them containing music videos. Some notable examples include "KINGPING" and "Roblox Hoe". These music videos would cause Kenny to become very familiar to the Flex channel's audience and subscribers.

UP 2 U, Split Personalities, Flex Fridays and blowup (Mid 2022)[edit | edit source]

On May 2, Kenny Mgee would release a collaborative single and music video with Lil Squeaky titled "UP 2 U"[8]. The song was conceived after Kenny Mgee listened to Smiley's hit song with Drake called "Over the Top". Lil Squeaky would produce and feature on the track causing his fanbase to listen to Kenny's new single and boosting his clout heavily. The song was met with extremely positive reception and would go down as one of the most iconic and catchy Flex songs of the year. He would make make many more collaborations with the Finnish-American superstar including "Throat Goat" and "Lame Ass Beat"

He would release his third studio album "Split Personalities" on May 6. The three part album featured a massive 45 songs in total and was around 2 hours and 16 minutes long. Nevertheless the album was praised and attracted a large crowd at the listening party, even including Yung Schmoobin himself. Other than the long length, most listeners praised the album for it's creativity and fun verses from Kenny and his various features, especially Payden McKnight's verse on the track "Bad Money" which saw the then executive taking shots at most Flex artists. On May 21, Kenny would release the 4K music video for a track off the album titled "DO THA CLUB" featuring and filmed by YUNGBOIGA$ who was formerly Lil Big Jacko. The video would feature Kenny and YUNGBOIGA$ fooling around in a Scottish park with fake guns, grills and a cameo from infamous rapper and brother Duggy G. The video would end up becoming Kenny's most popular to date, currently sitting at 1K views.

Kenny would feature on Lil Squeaky's hit summer track "What Happened?" and it's subsequent remix, furthering the belief that he was indeed Lil Squeaky's apprentice. Kenny would also pay 20 British pounds for a feature with Cincinnati asthma rapper Lanze for his track "GET THAT SHIT" which would end up being Kenny's second most popular song to date. He would release a posse cut track titled "Never Goin Down" with Lil Squeaky, Lil Mosquito Disease and beetlebat. The track would be criticized heavily for being a "industry plant song".

On August 12, Kenny would release "Kenny Mgee Presents Flex Fridays"[9], a collection of scrapped songs that were submitted for consideration to be on Flex Gang, Vol. 4. The project was received very well and many fans loved the fun and carefree atmosphere of the album. It would also help hype up Flex Gang, Vol. 4 which would release on August 25 to extreme critical acclaim with Kenny's track "Ur Gonna Die" being one of the standout hits. Ur Gonna Die was one of the more disrespected and underappreciated songs off the album, with most saying it was either bad or mid, with very few actually enjoying the track including the likes of Jorge De Guzman, Beetlebat and Yung Lambo being the few supporters.

UP 3 U, WE GO HARD, IT'S COMING HOME, Ur Gonna Die, and Kenny Mgee Live (Late 2022)[edit | edit source]

On September 11, Kenny would release a new single and music video titled "WE GO HARD"[10]. The song was advertised as Kenny's last song for some amount of time after his frequent drops during the summer. The reception would be positive and many praised the lyricism of the track, especially lines like "Duggy G and motherfucking YUNGBOIGA$". However, this would not be the last song Kenny dropped in 2022 as Lil Squeaky would get Kenny to help him make "UP 3 U" in an attempt to boost the album hype for "A Feast for Everyone". The song would release on September 14 with a music video made in a free editing app. The song would receive some praise but also extremely heavy backlash from Flex Entertainment executive beetlebat who called the track "a cash grab" and that "there was no point to this"[11].

A video of the incident between Kenny Mgee and Twisted Wizard in late 2022

Kenny, along with Yung Lambo, CL0WHN and several others would be involved in the 2022 series of incidents involving Tom's White Knight's band leader Twisted Wizard. After Kenny clowned on Twisted for spending $15 dollars for a feature from colleague CL0WHN, Twisted would respond with the now infamous quote "Kenny can you hear me? That's weird because I just blocked you!". Shortly after this incident E.M.B.E.E and Kenny would create the track "IT'S COMING HOME" which would outsell the entire Tom's White Knights album on the Flex Hot 100. Because of these incidents, Twisted would get the sack from Flex.

On October 1, Kenny Mgee would sell out a show[12] in Scotland and the livestream of the concert would be broadcast on the Flex Entertainment channel. The performance was a success and gained Kenny various new connections in the Scotland rap scene. Kenny would also perform at Flex Fest 2022 on November 5 where many, including Big Baller B would call Kenny Mgee's set the best.[13] The success of his Flex Fest performance would increase his views on "DO THA CLUB" eventually causing it to hit a thousand views.

Kenny would record a music video filmed by YUNGBOIGA$ for his Flex Gang, Vol. 4 track "Ur Gonna Die". It was released on December 2, 2022. The song which originally had little praise seemed to get the attention of everyone, with the song going from being called one of the worst to one of the best on the compilation, with Youtuber Brad Taste In Music stating it’s the best song on the album.

Red Black Mercedes and next album (2023)[edit | edit source]

On January 22, Kenny would release his next single titled "Red Black Mercedes" with a feature from popular American rapper Rick Ross. This would be the biggest rapper to ever feature on a Flex Entertainment song. The song would become a streaming juggernaut, gaining over two-thousand streams in a matter of days after appearing in many Rick Ross fans’ "Release Radar" playlists on Spotify. This song would also cause Kenny to be contacted by several Scottish and UK producers for remixes as well as the Scottish rap page on Instagram titled "Hip Hop Scotland". A week after its release Kenny would meet with producer, promoter and owner of Hip Hop Scotland "Supermann On Da Beat" at a Hip Hop Scotland show. Throughout this discussion Supermann had said that he'd like to work further with Kenny, proposing a remix of the recently-released song. “Red Black Mercedes Reloaded” would be released on February 16, 2023 to positive reception for the club-influenced style compared to the original. The song would outstream the original garnering over four thousand streams on Spotify, boosting Kenny and Supermann's careers alike. Kenny has mentioned he has been working on a new album. Not much is known at this time but Kenny has stated it will sound “more focused and diverse” than his previous projects. On March 27, 2023, the final remix of “Red Black Mercedes" would drop, titled "Red Black Mercedes Extended Cut". The remix would feature Milk Man, CoryNash, Ka1 Bank$, Alex West and Rick Ross. The song would be an instant hit, currently hovering over four-hundred views on YouTube. The song would give more exposure to all the artists featured and was overall well received from critics.

Personal life[edit | edit source]

Kenny Mgee was born on the 16th of June 2006 and is currently 16 years old. He is from Scotland and has lived there His whole life and is currently the only artist in Flex Entertainment who resides there. His brother Duggy G is infamous in Flex Entertainment due to his various antics. Kenny originally started out as a YouTuber making videos on his YouTube channel "Keboard Kenny" where he posted Minecraft pocket edition gameplay, skits and songs.

He is currently attending college for "Rap and Hip Hop" full time and is using this to help with his music career as he is constantly finding new connections to help him grow

Controversies[edit | edit source]

Kenny Mgee has had few controversies in his time making music. The controversies, however, he has been involved in are very big.

During production of his first album "Doing My Thang", he would have to change the cover art as his classmates from school would call him out for having an image of himself superimposed over a slaughter house. The cover would be changed to a picture of a man "spitting bars".

Another incident would occur, this time with his second album titled "Doing My Thang Part 2". Kenny would release the song titled "Khereese Diss V2" as a single on his channel but would get it taken down due to "harassment and bullying", most likely from the girl he was dissing.

In Summer 2022, Kenny was very vocal about the alleged "laziness" of fellow Flex Entertainment artist Lil Jxck as Kenny states he had waited over two months for two features from him. Kenny alleges that Jxck "ghosted him in direct messages". The situation would escalate further when Jxck stated that he would take a break from Discord but still send over any features he had to do for people. While all seemed well, Kenny ended up never getting the verse and causing Kenny to call Lil Jxck "the worst artist in Flex when it comes to waiting on features".

In Late 2022, Kenny's brother Duggy G would say "something bad happened" and leave the server with Kenny's Discord account. This would result in many people theorizing what happened to Kenny, some thinking a horrible thing in his life happened, some even thinking that Duggy G had passed away. The next day it would be found out that Duggy G was simply being mischievous and that Kenny Mgee was safe and sound.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Kenny Mgee is the richest man in Scotland with currently over 50 trillion pounds to his name, however he is not aloud to have this money until the week he dies which is suspected to be on the 07/18/3786
  • Kenny got the stage name "Kenny Mgee" from the tv show "south park" as it was a show he watched a lot and his favourite character was Kenny. he is suspected to have gotten the last part of his name "Mgee" from him being Scottish however he actually got it when his friend called someone in his social circle at the time "Twat Mgee".
  • Kennys main email is banned from all sites associated with Facebook as he named himself "Sket Mgee" on his original Instagram account and got banned because of it.
  • In year 1 of his high school when he was 12 years old he formed a band with his friend "YungboiGa$" called "Shadez" the band made 2 songs one being "breeze" and the other being "down let (demo)" before abandoning the project later the same year. kenny and Yungboi still make music to this day.

Discography[edit | edit source]

Albums[edit | edit source]

List of extended plays, with selected chart positions
Title Details Peak chart positions Certifications
Doing My Thang
  • Released December 22nd 2019
  • Label: Independent
  • Format: Digital download, streaming
Doing My Thang Part 2
  • Released: December 25th 2021
  • Label: Independent
  • Format: Digital download, streaming
Split Personalities
  • Released: May 6th 2022
  • Label: Flex Entertainment
  • Format: Digital download, streaming
  • FLEX: Platinum
  • Releasing: 2023
  • Label: Flex Entertainment
  • Format: Digital download, streaming

Mixtapes[edit | edit source]

List of extended plays, with selected chart positions
Title Details Peak chart positions Certifications
Kenny Mgee Presents Flex Fridays
  • Released August 12, 2022
  • Label: Flex Entertainment
  • Format: Digital download, streaming
  • BMP: Platinum
  • FLEX: 3x Platinum

Singles[edit | edit source]

List of singles
Title Year Charts Certification Album
"KINGPIN" 2022 9 90 4 26
  • FLEX: Platinum
Split Personalities
"Roblox Hoe" 8 74 3 46
  • FLEX: Platinum
"Lame Ass Beat"
(feat. Lil Squeaky & Lil Big Jacko)
10 65 5 64
  • FLEX: Platinum
"UP 2 U"
(feat. Lil Squeaky)
3 4 5 2 1
  • BMP: Platinum
  • FLEX: 12x Platinum
Kenny Mgee Presents Flex Fridays
(feat. Lil Big Jacko)
3 1 15
  • FLEX: 4x Platinum
Split Personalities
  • FLEX: Platinum
Kenny Mgee Presents Flex Fridays
"Bad Wit The Keys" 20 9 56
  • FLEX: Gold
(feat. Lanze)
1 1 9
  • FLEX: 3x Platinum
"Never Going Down"
(feat. Lil Mosquito Disease, Lil Squeaky, & beetlebat)
5 45 3 13
  • FLEX: Platinum
"We Go Hard" 13 54 9 21
  • FLEX: Platinum
non-album singles
"UP 3 U"
(feat. Lil Squeaky)
12 34 8 56
  • FLEX: Platinum
"Ur Gonna Die" 1 3 4 1 1
  • BMP: Platinum
  • FLEX: Diamond
Flex Gang, Vol. 4
(with Mushii)
7 25 4 28 TBA
"Red Black Mercedes"
(with Rick Ross)
2023 1 23 1 1
  • FLEX: 9x Platinum
non-album single
"Pop Out"
(with Hood Guy)
4 64 2 5
  • FLEX: Gold
"RADNOR" 15 38 87 18 9
(feat. 2 Chainz)
30 21 82 18

Promotional Singles[edit | edit source]

Title Year Charts Album
"Sick Freestyle" 66 76

Features[edit | edit source]

List of features
Title Year Charts Certification Album
"Throat Goat"
(Lil Squeaky feat. Kenny Mgee)
2022 46 28 non-album single
"A Day In The Life"
(Lil Soz feat. Kenny Mgee)
album single
(Yung Bink$ feat. Kenny Mgee)
25 11 non-album single
"What Happened?"
(Lil Squeaky feat. Kenny Mgee)
4 4
  • FLEX: 2x Platinum
non-album single
"American Power (Revolutionary Remix)"
(Tom's White Knights feat. Yung Lambo, Kenny Mgee and Lil Mosquito Disease)
  • FLEX: 2x Platinum
non-album single
"We Just Wanna Get High"
(Lil Jxck feat. T-Swisher & Kenny Mgee)
6 5
  • FLEX: Platinum
i like trap music
"I'm Crazy"
(Tending Bike feat. Hood Guy and Kenny Mgee)
22 11
  • FLEX: Gold
Tending Bike
(Lil Sac feat. Kenny Mgee, Yung Snoozy, & Lil Monto)
9 7
  • FLEX: Platinum
Eternal Gallimaufry of the Sacful Mind
"I'm Bald"
(Lil Sperm feat. Kenny Mgee)
5 3 TBA
(E.M.B.E.E. feat. Kenny Mgee)
2023 2 13 3
  • BMP: Gold
  • FLEX: 4x Platinum
E.M.B.E.E. 3

Other Charted Songs[edit | edit source]

Title Year Charts Certification Album
"Range Rover"
(feat. Lil Mosquito Disease)
2022 25 17
  • FLEX: Gold
Split Personalities
"My Bitch is a Bitch" 26 18
"Life Is Sin" 27 19
"Put Ya Hands Up"
(feat. Viper)
28 20
"Pussy Money" 29 21
"Never Getting Caught"
(feat. Young Seagull)
30 22
"Fight Club" 31 23
"Bad Money"
(feat. Payden McKnight)
32 24
"Worst Beat Ever"
(feat. Lil Eggnog)
33 25
"We Own This Club"
(feat. Duggy G)
34 26
"Viagra Overdose" 35 27
"I Need A Bitch" 36 28
"Bottle of Sprite (Skit)" 37 29
"Six Feet Deep" 38 30
"CRAZY" 39 31
"Back On That Grind"
(feat. CRZFawkz)
41 32
"I Love This Shit" 42 33
"One Night Stand"
(feat. White Fury)
43 34
"Where The Girls At?" 44 35
"Wit Tha Homies"
(feat. Rick Ross)
45 36
"No Regrets"
(feat. Lil Squeaky)
46 37
(feat. beetlebat)
47 38
  • FLEX: Gold
"Thrift Store Bitch!" 48 39
"Tha Island" 49 40
"Food On The Table" 50 41
(feat. Yung Snoozy & Tending Bike)
51 42
"Lil Penis (Going Hard)" 41 33
  • FLEX: Gold
"Khereese Diss V3"
(feat. BAGBOI MUFFIN, Duggy G, Tending Bike, Hood Guy, Lil Soz, Yung Lambo, YUNGHOODPLAYA, & Jaxcksen)
64 83
"Tha Goatz"
(feat. Lil Stuart Little & CRZCrocs)
"The Great Race" 93
(Lil Jxck feat. Kenny Mgee)
45 33 i like trap music
"Super Nolia"
(CRZFawkz feat. Kenny Mgee)
26 17 CR&B
"F U UP" 39 28
  • FLEX: Gold
Kenny Mgee Presents Flex Fridays
(feat. Duggy G, YungboiGa$, Lil Sperm, & Pharrell)
12 5
  • FLEX: 5x Platinum
(feat. CoryNash)
40 29
  • FLEX: Platinum
(feat. Yung Head$hit)
41 30
(feat. Yung Cheese Slice & Milk Man)
42 31
"Biggest In The Game"
(feat. Hood Child)
43 32
"KINGPIN 2" 44 33
"Midnight Hour" 45 34
"Girl Come Down To Me"
(feat. CRZFawkz)
37 27
(feat. Mr. Ice)
46 35
(feat. Yung Lambo, Tending Bike, Domenick Nati & Sticky Fingaz)
48 37
"Death Threats"
(feat. Lil Jxck)
49 38
"See Me Again"
(feat. White Fury)
50 39
"Beat Yo Ass" 51 40
(feat. Yung Garfield)
53 42
"Environmental Impact"
(Homer Mishomer feat. Kenny Mgee)
51 41 Hurricane Homer
"Flex On Em"
(beetlebat feat. Kenny Mgee)
10 9
  • FLEX: Platinum
Be Dumb Bro
"Silent Hill"
(Tending Bike feat. Kenny Mgee & Hood Guy)
47 34 Bike's Fun Adventure 2
"I'm Crazy 2"
(Tending Bike feat. Kenny Mgee & Hood Guy)
41 35
"Bump It Up"
(levelboy feat. Milk Man, Kenny Mgee, & beetlebat)
2023 62 42 Mascot Theater

Awards and nominations[edit | edit source]

Year Association Category Work Result
2023 Flex Awards Single of the Year "Up 2 You" Nominated
Music Video of the Year "Up 2 You" Nominated
Artist of the Year Himself Nominated
Mixtape of the Year "Kenny Mgee Presents Flex Fridays" Nominated
Best Collaboration "Up 2 You" Nominated
Best Posse Cut "Never Going Down" Nominated
"Dingle Dongle Donda 3" Nominated
Best Diss Track "It’s Coming Home" Nominated
Most Underrated "CRACKIN FINGAZ" Won

References[edit | edit source]