Kid Floral

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Kid Floral
Born April 25, 2006
Place of birth Portland, Oregon, U.S.
Marital Dating Clara
Height 5'8"
Weight Unknown
Eyes Green
Relatives Emily Finchum (sister)
Bryan Finchum (brother)
Aliases Lil Boxx

David Finchum (born April 25, 2006), better known by his stage names Kid Floral, Lil Boxx, fubarsinclair and Pain is an American singer, rapper, producer and songwriter. He is one of the first artists to be signed to Flex Entertainments in the early months of the label's history. He would initially make meme rap under the name Lil Boxx before transitioning to more serious music under the name Kid Floral in early 2020. He would begin gaining traction after the release of his album "Pollen" in the later months of 2020. Floral would leave Flex Entertainment after the release of his third studio album "Nutmeg" in February 2022. During this period Floral would create another alias called fubarsinclair where he would release more hyperpop orientated tracks. In Summer 2023, Floral would be re-signed to Flex Entertainment and would mix, master and co-producer label owner Lil Mosquito Disease's fifth studio album "Diagnosis".

He is best known for his songs "Advantage", "TUNA", "Restart" and "Tavis". His album titled "Pollen" was a poor release commercially but a critical hit that was called one of the best Flex projects of it's time although it would gain some criticism later on for some of the lyrics being seen as not the best..

Floral's music can be characterized by either it's tendency to dwell on heartbreak and romance or more banger orientated tracks focusing on flexing wealth and money. He produces his own music like various other Flex artists and is considered one of the best at producing in Flex, being responsible for the beat of Lil Mosquito Disease's smash 2021 hit "Just for Show Reloaded" as well as co-producing almost every track on "Diagnosis". While his older releases were more trap based, his newer tracks have incorporated more elements of hyperpop and even grunge.

Career[edit | edit source]

Early Career and Lil Boxx (2019)[edit | edit source]

Floral would start rapping under the name Lil Boxx in early 2019, signing to Flex Entertainment shortly after beginning his musical career. His music at this time was characterized as typical music from Flex at the time, often resorting to low quality beats from YouTube, lyrics about drugs and women and an annoying vocal delivery. His debut album under the name would release on May 11. The album was titled "Fake Gold" and featured a deep fried album cover art. The project was not listened to by many but for those who heard it the project was seen as terrible and almost unlistenable. The project has since been deleted after Floral's SoundCloud was hacked in late 2020.

Floral would be featured on the May 24 release of Flex Gang, Vol. 1 with a track titled "$plurgin". The track was not a fan favorite and was not talked about much when the album released and has mostly stayed that way since.

Name change, LUCID LIVING and Pollen[edit | edit source]

Floral would change his name from Lil Boxx to Kid Floral in early 2020, citing the desire to have his music taken more seriously and less of as a joke. He would release his second album "LUCID LIVING" on March 3. The album was another flop commercially and critically although some listeners noted improvement from the Lil Boxx album. Floral would remain mostly quiet but would appear on Yung Schmoobin's hit song "Eat, Sleep, Flex Repeat" in March and also with his own track "Ben Killed Jerry" on Flex Gang, Vol. 2 in July. Floral would release his first semi-big hit under the Kid Floral name with Happy Again on May 28. The song was a pop rap track featuring vocals from Lil Toy Yoda and A.J. and was met with decent reception for it's improvement over his past work.

Floral would found the Pedals Inc collective in September with the founding members being Yung Tegga and Lil Toy Yoda. The collective would stay relatively quiet for the month but would gain some new members in October with xofilo (then LVN Filo), Young Ryan G, Emily Finchum, Yung Garfield, J Coyn Drive and reluctantly Lil Mosquito Disease joining. Floral would drop his first album under the Kid Floral name on September 25. The album was titled "Pollen" and featured performances from Lil Squeaky, 905emerald (then Emerald), xofilo (then LVN Filo) and Young Ryan G. The album went under the rader upon release but would gain more popularity over time. Due to the praise of the album, Floral would begin getting more popular in Flex and would end the year being one of the most popular in the label.

Airhead Tape Vol. 1 (2021)[edit | edit source]

Floral would release a few new singles at the beginning of 2021 including "2020" and "Brains". The song that would take off however was his new single titled "TUNA" which featured Lil Toy Yoda and Yung Tegga. The song was reminiscent of old SoundCloud rap and had Freddie Dredd style production. The song was an instant hit and was featured on the March 5 release of Flex Gang Vol 3, being a fan favorite on the album. Around this time however, Floral's collective Pedals Inc would begin to encounter issues and lose steam as more and more members would quit the collective for various reasons. Lil Mosquito Disease and Yung Tegga in particular would get into heated arguments resulting in Mosquito distancing himself from the group, claiming that Tegga had turned the group into a circle jerk that just hated on Flex members who weren't in the collective.

Floral would release his first mixtape titled "Airhead Tape Vol. 1" on May 20. The tape was received very well with many praising the production, vocals and energy Floral brought to the songs. The tracks "Naive" and "Love Me" in particular would gain critical approval with the latter track being considered one of the best emotional and heartbreak based tracks to be release from Flex Entertainment up there with "In Bloom" by Lil Squeaky. Floral would stay quiet for the rest of the year, only releasing the tracks "Friends" with xofilo and "MINE". Both songs would be swept under the radar.

nutmeg and departure (2022)[edit | edit source]

On January 10, Floral would release the first single for his next album. The single was titled "Freak" and was a shoegaze track. The track was praised for it's change in direction from his more emo-hyperpop style releases of 2021. Floral would release his fourth album "nutmeg" on February 1 to mixed reception. While some praised it for it's change in style and nice sounding production, it was also criticized it for it's lyrical content and alleged out of key autotune. The track celexa would become a track that would become heavily memed in the Flex community due to it's four count intro and the lyric "saliva on the bottom of my shoe" which was believed by some to say "celexa on the bottom of my shoe". Shortly after the album's release, Floral would leave the label for unknown reasons.

For the rest of the year Floral would focus most of his efforts on his new alias fubarsinclair which was more hyperpop based than trap. Under fubarsinclair, Floral would work with artists in snare society.

Return, Diagnosis and Airhead Tape Vol. 2 (2023)[edit | edit source]

On March 8, 2023, Floral’s old alias Lil Boxx returned to the server, cussing in all caps for Flex to sign him. He was put into consideration to be signed to Flex again despite Beetle and Lambo being against it. On May 24, Floral would be re-signed to the label by owner Lil Mosquito Disease.

During the summer of 2023, Floral would work with Mosquito on finishing his fifth studio album Diagnosis. Floral would mix, master and co-produce every track on the project excluding the previously released singles. Floral described the process as tedious but the most fun he has ever had making music. Upon the release of the album on October 27, Floral would be praised for his work on the project.

In addition to working on mixing Diagnosis, Floral would also become a part of a progressive rock band called Edison's Talking Dolls.

As of November 2023, Floral has announced his next project which is a sequel to his 2021 mixtape Airhead Tape, Vol. 1. Not much is known about the project other than the fact it is releasing.

Discography[edit | edit source]

Albums[edit | edit source]

  • Fake Gold (2019)
  • LUCID LIVING (2020)
  • Pollen (2020)
  • nutmeg (2022)

Mixtapes[edit | edit source]

  • Airhead Tape, Vol. 1 (2021)
  • Airhead Tape, Vol. 2 (2023) (Unreleased)

EPs[edit | edit source]

  • (chapters) (2020)

Singles[edit | edit source]

List of Singles
Title Year Charts Certifications Album
"King of Lean"
(feat. Lil Mosquito Disease)
2019 Fake Gold
"Restart" 2020 27 38 12 36
  • FLEX: Gold
"Facetime" (chapters)
"I Never Loved You" 84 60 Pollen
"Happy Again"
(feat. A.J. & Lil Toy Yoda)
75 53 non-album single
(with Yung Tegga)
15 25 7 14 Flex Gang, Vol. 3
(feat. Lil Toy Yoda & Yung Tegga)
14 16 7 12
"2020" 2021 23 35 16 37 Airhead Tape, Vol. 1
"Brains" 18 23 11 26
"Mine" 49 63 non-album singles
(feat. xofilo)
31 18 15 47
"Freak" 2022 13 46 7 54 nutmeg
"Move on Without Me" TBA
"open arms"
"Fear Monger" 2023 9 14 6 65

Promotional Singles[edit | edit source]

Title Year Charts Certifications Album
(as Lil Boxx)
2019 Flex Gang, Vol. 1
"Ben Killed Jerry"
(as Lil Boxx)
2020 18 20 10 63
  • FLEX: 3x Platinum
Flex Gang, Vol. 2
"celexa" 2022 30 74 38 72 nutmeg
"Fear Monger" 2023 90 54 TBA

Features[edit | edit source]

List of Promotional Singles
Title Year Charts Certifications Album
"Eat, Sleep, Flex, Repeat"
(Yung Schmoobin feat. Kid Floral)
2020 14 12 53 4
  • BMP: Platinum
Eat, Sleep, Flex, Repeat
(Yung Tegga feat. Kid Floral & Lil Toy Yoda)
13 61 6 non-album single

Other Charted Songs[edit | edit source]

List of Promotional Singles
Title Year Charts Certifications Album
"We Vibin"
(Lil Squeaky feat. Kid Floral)
2020 16 23 14
  • BMP: Gold
God Mode
(feat. Young Ryan G)
63 33 47
(feat. xofilo)
50 21 44 Pollen
"Lowest" 90 56 58
(feat. Emerald)
87 48 60
"I Want My Mind"
  • YLS: Gold
(feat. Lil Squeaky)
82 45 64
  • YLS: 2x Platinum
"Home" 61 32 69
(Lil Mosquito Disease feat. Kid Floral & Skeeter Diseaser)
21 29 19 31
  • FLEX: 2x Platinum
"Too Real"
(Lil Squeaky feat. Kid Floral)
2021 15 19 10 In Development
"Black Licorice" 19 42 14 65 Airhead Tape, Vol. 1
(feat. skawt)
20 47 15 47
(feat. Yung Tegga)
21 48 16 57
"Naive" 22 52 17 63
"Love Me" 24 58 19 72
"weird" 2022 50 74 38 67 nutmeg
"taste your tears" 52 85 39 63
"hyacinth" 53 94 40 80
"father figure" 54 86 41 77
"elephant" 55 79 42 83
"juliet" 56 82 43 79
"trust the sky" 57 99 44 87
"life again" 58 84 45 90

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