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Koffle Waffle
Full Name Jacob Richardson-Schofield
Full Name Jacob Richardson-Schofield
Aliases Koffle Waffle
Marital Genn Schofield (August 20th 2022)
Species Lumberjack
Gender Male
Height 5'6
Weight 138
Eyes Blue

Koffdrop is a Canadian logger, rapper, and hyperpop artist signed to Flex Entertainment. He is known for his songs "Waiting" and "Fake Beef" as well as cutting logs. He is widely regarded as the most prominent feature artist in the label, and most new Flex signees see him as the go-to artist to ask for feature verses.

Koffdrop's studio album The Networker (2022) is the most expensive Flex Entertainment release of all time, costing over $2,000 to make.

History[edit | edit source]

Poetry Origins (2014-2019)[edit | edit source]

One day in Communications technology class Jacob Richardson-Schofield decided to write a poem called "the fence". Read it to several teachers and his mother and was praised for his take on writing. Several poems later he gathered up enough courage to read his poetry live at Big Mama's Cafe in Cambridge Ontario before it got shut down in 2016. A poem with a bass riff called "redemption" was made and uploaded to YouTube in 2015 using audacity. Having to move from the city to the country in 2017, Koffdrop was in culture shock, having trouble adjusting to find a stable job for several years until he found work stacking lumber.

Before Flex (2019-2022)[edit | edit source]

After doing another experimental photoshoot with random objects. Koffdrop was born after messing around with lozenges and food coloring. Koffdrop had several songs in the vault but didn't have a name to put himself under until that point.

The EP Ocean Tapes (2019) was made after browsing various different beats on YouTube from producer ocean beats.

Lost after trying to find a friend group online through reddit. Koffdrop made an appearance on the 200th reddit game of bands but was distraught after learning that his recording clipped too much and went into hiding for a year.

Several singles were made starting up again in late 2020. This Beat Is Sick, Never, and Joe Exotic respectfully.

Gut Gang (2021)[edit | edit source]

Meeting up with Kwipp. (Known as $kurk777 at the time) the duo made several songs together, learning how to mix and master as Kwipp introduced Koffdrop to Gut Gang. It was a YouTube channel that focused on hyperpop acts, most of which were from Europe. Koffdrop was the lead promoter of the group for several months, making posts on twitter and Instagram and submitting songs into the hivemind stream. After making the song "Waiting", the group was very impressed but during production for the music video, Koffdrop was kicked out of Gut Gang being told that he didn't fit in with the scene.

Flex Gang (2022)[edit | edit source]

Koffdrop cut so many logs that he built a wooden bridge that led directly to Flex Entertainment. Trying to improve and show versatility koffdrop quickly adapted to the scene while still implementing his own style on other people's projects like homer misnomers "hurricane homer" royal flushes "splash of royalty" And lil squeakys "art" and "it's just different". During this time he would also release old songs with new music videos such as "puked in the shower" and "joe exotic" and released his next mixtape "The Networker" on the flex channel in January 2023. 3 months after it came out on all platforms.

Discography[edit | edit source]

Albums[edit | edit source]

  • Beyond Blu Skies (2021)
  • The Networker (2022)

Singles[edit | edit source]

Title Year Charts Certifications Album


"Puked in the Shower" 2020 12 97 8 77 non-album singles
"This Beat is Sick" 22 90 15 86
  • FLEX: Gold
"Repost" 13 75 8 64
"Joe Exotic" 2 22 2 34
"Waiting" 2021 15 33 9 27
  • FLEX: Gold
"loaded hearts"
"The Way You Touch Me"
"Energy Drinks" 65 74 41 98 Beyond Blu Skies
"Dennis Hopper" 93 84 non-album singles
"Bitch I Am Basic"
"I Don't Think" 2022
"The Way You Sound" 87 78
"Right Thing, Wrong Place" 86 77
"Adult A DoIt" 67 42 97 85
"Getting Too Lit" 22 35 43 71
"Nipples" 35 16
"Green Crackhead" 2023 3 1 4 45 TBA

Features[edit | edit source]

Awards and nominations[edit | edit source]

Year Association Category Work Result
2023 Flex Awards Best Feature Performance "Tapun Mummoja" Nominated