Lil Jxck

From Flex Entertainment
Lil Jxck
Born Unknown
Place of birth Unknown
Marital Probably not single....
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown
Eyes Brown

Lil Jxck is an up coming face in the Flex Entertainment music community. Lil Jxck was signed on October 13, 2021 by Lil Mosquito Disease. Lil Jxck was signed along side Lil Kori Da Fine$$e Kid, Lil Henjin & Boen. Lil Jxck has currently 2 number 1 singles, One called "K.O.", Featuring Lil Pasty and the other one titled, "BANGBROS", With Big FatRolls. With other singles charting in the top ten such as, "HEADSHOTS", Featuring ItsBean, "THANOS" Featuring ilyShower and "NEW KICKS", Featuring Kid Judo and Fatalanal.