Lil Pinecone

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Lil Pinecone
Lil Pinecone during an embarrassing moment
Born December 12, 2006
Place of birth Alexandria, Virginia, U.S.
Marital Single)
Height 5'8"
Weight 110 llbs
Eyes Brown
Relatives Louie Dog
Unidentified Random Drainer Woman

Anton Sebastian Zawidzki (born December 12, 2006), better known by his stage name Lil Pinecone, is an American-Canadian rapper, singer, songwriter, guitarist, and professional circus clown currently based in Juarez, Mexico. He began music as a part of a rap group named EERLOB with his good friend .jitters. He would be introduced to the label by him and has been in Flex ever since.

He is best known for his songs "Big Ass Fat Ass", "Rare Fish", "BuyInOutFlex", "Chicago Freestyle" and his breakout song "Nerd Muncher (Fuck Flex Volume 3!!!). He has several albums under his belt although they are not talked about much. His compilation of singles titled "The Zanpook Collection" did extremely well on the Flex Hot 100.

Pinecone's music is known for it's tendency to delve into experimental territory. Many have labelled Pinecone as "the JPEGMAFIA of Flex Entertainment" with his odd production, screaming vocals and use of out of key autotune. He often times raps in a high pitched voice although he denies this saying that those vocals are provided by a family friend named Peebaby. He also has had a political life as a member of Virginian congress int he Socialist party. He would end up endorsing Baller Party member Lil Squeaky for president, much to the dismay of various partymates including the now incarcerated cartel associate Jorge de Guzman and radical socialist Saint Ghost. There have been several investigations against Pinecone himself for his involvement in various murders conducted by the now dismantled Juarez Cartel, some rumoring that he was second to none other than Don Eladio himself.

Career[edit | edit source]

Humble Beginnings and EERLOB (2018)[edit | edit source]

Lil Pinecone began his illustrious rap career in 2018 after fellow rapper and best friend .jitters asked him to as he saw a great deal of potential in Pinecone's ability to make rap songs. Lil Pinecone's first release would be a song titled "Gmod with the sS.I.Ss and Lil God" on free platform Soundcloud. The song would go under the radar for the time being. He would release a couple more songs, but each would get copyright strikes or become a victim of the Man with his Head up deleting them. After this, he and .jitters would form a rap duo called "EERLOB" where they released a couple of singles and their first mixtape titled the "Crosswalk mixtape". This mixtape would be forgotten soon after release. Shortly after, Lil Pinecone would go on hiatus and the EERLOB group would follow suit.

Signing to Flex Entertainment (2020)[edit | edit source]

On July 17, Pinecone would release his comeback EP titled "inecoen". The EP would be heard by Flex superstar and heavy hitter Lil Squeaky and he would then sign Pinecone to the label. After singing, hee would release a comeback single on July 20 titled "Gmod 2" featuring Virginian labelmate .jitters which was a reference to his first song with a similar title. Pinecone would release his debut album "Pinecone's Wonderful World" on August 20. Unfortunately, due to unexpected events, Pinecone's album would go under the radar.

Pinecone would be featured on HOOD GUY's hit song "Furries at the Home Depot" on October 10. The song would become a massive success and is currently as of November 2022 challenging "Bohemian Rhapsody" for title of most viewed vide on the Flex channel. Pinecone would become a member of the now defunct Truck Gang group and would be the one who released their titular song on October 28. This would become his first solo Flex Hot 100 entry, debuting at No. 77.

Wonderful World 2, Horrible World and stagnation (2021)[edit | edit source]

In 2021, Pinecone would become a known "storyteller" in the Flex Entertainment server. He was known to go on tirades about cicadas, MC Icy's mask and various other stories. He would become good friends with violent gangbanger Interbrain during this time period. He would also struggle to keep Flex Entertainment king Lil Boy from going insane about megablocks and random actresses (specifically Daisy Ridley, Megan Fox and iDubbbz).

Pinecone would submit a track titled "Nerd Muncher" for consideration to be on March's Flex Gang, Vol. 3. Unfortunately, the song would not make the cut despite pleas from then executive Lil Squeaky. Pinecone would launch a movement to boycott Flex Gang, Vol. 3. Lucikly for Pinecone, the song would at least be released on Flex Fridays: Episode 1. The song peaked at No. 43. Pinecone would still appear on volume 3 as he did a spoken word intro for .jitters' iconic song "I summoned a Ghost".

On April 22, Pinecone would release his second album and sequel to his debut album. The album was titled "Wonderful World 2" and featured a morbidly obese dragon on the album cover. The album would be praised by Flex artists Lil Squeaky and Yung Lambo, specifically the track "Giant Slug Penis" as well as several songs where Pinecone and .jitters would go on rants about how Lil Squeaky is allegedly a racist. Soon after, Pinecone and .jitters would make a short lived rap duo named "Gay Cat Tree" and release two tracks titled "Frick U!" and "Cicada Bitch". The songs would be released on the Flex channel but be swiftly deleted by Flex executive Yung Lambo. .jitters and Pinecone would soon leave the label. The exact reason was not known but many speculate it was due to Yung Lambo creating the Disco Crips as a protest against Gay Cat Tree.

On June 21, Pinecone would appear on Ivan Knight's sophmore album "Moving Forward" where he would do a guitar solo on the track "Samatarian"

Sometime after appearing on "Moving Forward", Pinecone would return to Flex Entertainment much to the dismay of executive Payden McKnight. Pinecone's first release in Flex after his resigning was a song titled "I LOVE YOU SQUEAKY (Lil Squeaky Diss)" where brutally ended Lil Squeaky with kind words about his haircut and lack of women. He would also release his third studio album "Horrible World" on December 10. The album would go under the radar with the only people talking about it being Interbrain, big twigey, Lil Sperm/bigbilly400 and HOOD GUY although the latter only talked about it because he sung on it.

Comeback and The Zanpook Collection (2022)[edit | edit source]

Pinecone would begin making big moves in 2022. After attempting a romantic relationship with bot "Gilbert" and producing a mixtape with him, Pinecone decided to stop telling stories due to the threat of Yung Lambo sending him to the dreaded Flex-Chat. Pinecone would shapen up and become a responsible citizen (although he would get in trouble with beetlebat due to a certain quote he said).

Pinecone would feature on Lil Squeaky's remix of "Who Want Smoke" by Nardo Wick on February 25. Pinecone's verse in particular was praised as he would sing about how much he loves Canadian politician Jagmeet Singh. Pinecone dropped a few random singles on SoundCloud in the next few months which were all forgotten.

Pinecone would finally release his first proper single in years in the form of "Based NLE Choppa Type Beat Freestyle" on July 6 featuring his Virginian labelmate Lil Squeaky. The song would be heavily criticized for being "unlistenable" but more listeners would warm up to it over the next few months. The video would do very well on YouTube with random footage of Chief Keef, Bladee and Zanpook dancing in Mexico being played. He would follow this up with two singles on July 13 titled "F*ck Target" and "Chicago Life", the latter featuring HOOD GUY. The songs would be slept on in comparison to his previous single but would gain traction later in the year. Pinecone would follow these singles up with another single titled "BuyInOutFlex" on July 25 featuring British football player turned rapper E.M.B.E.E. The song was very catchy and would become somewhat of a sleeper hit similarly to the previous two singles he released. He dropped two singles after this but we don't talk about those. He then dropped "Rare Fish" on August 1 featuring Young Seagull, Lil Soz and Error404 with a music video directed and edited by FLUUGA. The song was an absolute instant hit with many calling it Pinecone's song to date.

On September 5, Pinecone would release a song which would change the trajectory of his career. The song was titled "Big Ass Fat Ass" and featured a verse from his common collaborator Lil Squeaky. The song and it's accompanying video would blow up and become Pinecone's most well known song to date with quotes like "go to library Lil Squeaky yuh" and "bitch I'm a dog like arf arf arf arf arrurururururururuh" being said often in the Flex server. After this song, Mosquito would release various merch designs featuring Pinecone on them and titled them "Zanpook Merch". Cartel associate Jorge de Guzman would buy an entire outfit of this merchandise but has yet to make any videos wearing them.

Pinecone would perform a set at Flex Fest 2022 on November 5. His set would be considered one of the funniest with many cracking up hard at various lines in the song, specifically Brad dying from laughter at Lil Squeaky saying "she gon' do that zombiewalk" on "Based NLE Choppa Type Beat Freestyle". Every song Pinecone performed at the show would gain a strong resurgence, especially "Big Ass Fat Ass", "Chicago Freestyle" and "Based NLE Choppa Type Beat Freestyle". Pinecone would release a compilation of most of his singles titled "The Zanpook Collection" on November 11. It is considered his best work to date and "his best material ever fucking made" in the words of Jorge de Guzman.

Controversies[edit | edit source]

On June 30, 2022, Lil Pinecone called recently deceased Minecraft YouTuber Technoblade a "mid ahh YouTuber." This proceeded to get him timed out for an entire day and hated on by the Flex community. Beetlebat even thought about kicking him from Flex.

Later that same summer, Pinecone would go off on famous pop singer Michael Jackson and claim that he was not only a nonce but also "worse than Bladee". This would result in Pinecone being ratioed by virtually everyone in the Flex discord server.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Pinecone was born in Virginia but moved to Juarez, Mexico after his father decided that the family should move there so Pinecone can learn Spanish easier as he was failing his Spanish courses. A random woman that Pinecone was friends with also moved with him to Mexico.
  • Various pets owned by Pinecone have become monstrous figures in the Flex community. His dog "Louie Dog" has been called "mid ahh" various times while his pet lizard "David" has been called "the greatest legal ever that I've ever known" by professional sleeper bigbilly400.
  • Pinecone's appearance has often been compared to Flex Entertainment founder Yung Schmoobin as both have similarly long brown hair, a tendency to not shower often (if ever) and an extremely similar music taste consisting of Drain Gang members and other edgy material. They both also reside on the extreme left side of the political spectrum. Some have even said Pinecone is trying to "be Schmoobin".
  • Pinecone is known for being an extremely far left political figure in Flex. He is a part of the Virginian Socialist party and is good friends with radical socialists Saint Ghost and Jorge De Guzman.

Discography[edit | edit source]

Albums[edit | edit source]

  • Pinecone's Wonderful World (2020)
  • Wonderful World 2 (2021)
  • Horrible World (2021)

EPs[edit | edit source]

  • Inecoen (2020)

Compilations[edit | edit source]

  • The Zanpook Collection (2022)

Collaborative projects[edit | edit source]

  • Ya Yeet (with .jitters) (2018)
  • Crosswalk Mixtape (eerlob) (2018)
  • Truck Gang (Truck Gang) (2021)
  • Sidewalk Mixtape (eerlob) (2021)

Singles[edit | edit source]

Title Year Charts Certification Album


"Gmod 2"
(feat. .jitters)
2020 non-album singles
"Jelly Dance (Pee On The Floor)" Pinecone's wonderful world
"Drugs Ain't Good"
(with s.S.I.S.s & Lil God)
non-album single
"Truck Month"
(feat. Payden McKnight, Depp Gibbs, & Young Seagull)
28 46 16
  • FLEX: Gold
"I LOVE YOU SQUEAKY (Lil Squeaky Diss)" 2021 17 56 10
  • FLEX: Gold
The Zanpook Collection
"Nerd Muncher" 43 64 33
"Based NLE Choppa Type Beat Freestyle"
(feat. Lil Squeaky)
2022 2 8 1
  • FLEX: 2x Platinum
The Zanpook Collection
"Fuck Target" 26 54 14
  • FLEX: Gold
"Chicago Life"
(feat. Hood Guy)
38 43 22
  • FLEX: Gold
(feat. E.M.B.E.E.)
31 26 17
  • FLEX: Gold
"THE BOSS CAN SOCK ME" 75 non-album singles
"Fart America"
(feat. Lil Boy & .jitters)
"Rare Fish"
(feat. Young Seagull, Lil Soz, & Error404)
4 16 3
  • FLEX: Gold
The Zanpook Collection
"Joediss" 77 non-album single
"Big Ass Fat Ass"
(with. Lil Squeaky)
8 15 4
  • FLEX: 3x Platinum
The Zanpook Collection
"When I Was Young"
(with Jorge De Guzman & Hood Guy)
2023 4 3 TBA
"Dancing In The Mirror"
(with Tophat)
7 5
  • FLEX: Platinum

Promotional Singles[edit | edit source]

Title Year Charts Certification Album


"I Summoned a Ghost (Spoken Word Intro)"
(.jitters feat. Lil Pinecone)
2021 22 53 14 Flex Gang, Vol. 3
"Gallblader Type Based Fuck Flex Freestyle"
(with Lil Squeaky)
2022 15 23 8
  • FLEX: 2x Platinum
Flex Gang, Vol. 4

Features[edit | edit source]

Title Year Charts Certification Album


"Furries At The Home Depot"
(Hood Guy feat. Lil Pinecone & White Fury)
2020 5 12 3
  • FLEX: 7x Platinum
The Food Must Not Be Processed
"I Admit"
(sammythefish feat. Depp Gibbs, beetlebat, Lil Squeaky, Lil Uzi Vert, Lil Eggnog, R Kelly, Lil Joof, Burger Beard, Lil Pinecone, Sachit, Yung Lambo, K Relly, Emily Finchum, & J Coyn Drive)
97 76 non-album singles
"Who Want Smoke??"
(Lil Squeaky feat, Yung Head$hit, Tending Bike, & Lil Pinecone)
2022 13 54 9
  • FLEX: Gold
(Lil Soz feat. Lil Pinecone)
9 34 6
  • FLEX: Platinum
"Bare Ass"
(Lil Soz feat. Lil Pinecone & Reysosexy)
42 30 Soz Op 2
"BodyFuel Cypher"
(Royal Flush feat. White Fury, Lil Soz, Hood Guy, Yung Snoozy, & Lil Pinecone)
2023 2 2 TBA

Other Charted Songs[edit | edit source]

Title Year Charts Certification Album


(Depp Gibbs feat. Lil Pinecone)
2020 73 61 Seasalt Shores
(WT feat. Lil Pinecone)
20 13
  • FLEX: Gold
"Wonderful World 2" 2021 29 65 17 Wonderful World 2
"I Am Gonna Punch Your Face" 31 75 18
"Parking My Car" 32 76 19
"If U Eet A Saltine" 33 79 20
"Cyber Ducks Suck" 34 86 21
"Giant Slug Penis" 35 89 22
"Cats Are So Gay" 36 95 23
"Drumming My Ballsack" 37 24
"2006 (end)"
(Lil Fliptard feat. Depp Gibbs, .jitters, & Lil Pinecone)
59 56 86 PENIS
(Ivan Knight feat. Lil Pinecone)
10 54 8
  • FLEX: Gold
Moving Forward
"Transcending Worlds"
(feat. Big Twigey & Peebaby)
33 24 21 Horrible World
"This Place Is Horrible"
(feat. Peebaby)
34 28 22
"Fuck You Hood Guy Freestyle"
(feat. Hood Guy & Lil Mosquito Disease)
35 33 23
"New Rcording 6" 36 35 24
(feat. Peebaby, Kyle Jubis, & Draven)
37 38 25
(feat. Peebaby & Yung Lambo)
38 44 26
"We Boutta Die"
(feat. Peebaby & Depp Gibbs)
39 49 27
"untitled drum freestyle"
(feat. Voda Wake)
40 35 28
"Oh God, I Am Dying"
(feat. Peebaby)
41 76 29
(feat. Peebaby)
42 89 30
(feat. Yung Lambo & Peebaby)
43 31
"Pinecone dies, Peebaby dies" 44 32
"Offall" 45 33
"Get Groceries"
(Lil Squeaky feat. Lil Pinecone)
2022 25 65 15 The Sex Tape
"Almighty Soz"
(Lil Soz feat. Lil Pinecone)
39 26 Almighty Soz
(Lil Soz feat. Lil Pinecone)
41 28
(Lil Soz feat. Lil Pinecone)
63 47 Ratio
(Lil Jxck feat. Lil Sperm, Tending Bike, & Lil Pinecone)
40 54 31 i like trap music

Awards and nominations[edit | edit source]

Year Association Category Work Result
2023 Flex Awards Best Drip "Gender Is Over" Fit Nominated
Best Posse Cut "Rare Fish" Nominated
Producer of the Year Himself Nominated
Most Underrated Song "Chicago Life" Nominated

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