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Milk Man
Milk Man (center) holding a key while wearing large red glasses in front of a statue of the Virgin Mary

Milk Man (Center) in 2023

Name Jordan
Age 15
Birthplace Cleveland, Ohio, U.S.
Occupation Rapper • Songwriter • Producer
Albums CHEEZUS • LIFE OF THE PARTY • WORLDWIDE SUPERSTARS • Milk 3 • Flex Up • Flex Up (Deluxe)
Years active 2020-Present
Genres Hiphop • electronic rap • trap • psychedelic rap • afrobeat • rock rap • alt rap

Milk Man is an American rapper and songwriter from Cleveland, Ohio. Despite attempts to move away from his earlier works, Milk Man is most well known for his single Among Drip (2021). Milk Man has been making music since late 2020 and throughout his career he has released several EPs, mixtapes, and albums.

2020–2021: Early Works[edit | edit source]

This section discusses the EPs: Milk., Milk 2, and Showtime

Milk Man began producing music in late 2020 under various names including YD Milk, Prod.Milkman, milkman, and most recently Milk Man. Jordan's early music consisted of various electronic and Japanese- inspired lofi beats. Among his early beats are "Hiroshima," "Nagasaki," and "51." He would eventually move away from producing beats to instead focus on rapping.

On February 2, 2021, Milk Man would release a groundbreaking single titled "Among Drip" with him rapping over an Among Us trap beat made by Leonz. The song was incredibly popular for a number of years and received millions of plays.

On March 5, 2021, he would release a sequel to Among Drip titled "Among Drip 2" which was less successful although it still gained tens of thousands of plays. Near the end of March, he would go on to release his debut EP, "Milk.," on streaming platforms. The EP would feature ReMark, Snoopy Dior and Lil Minte, and TTS Hostile.

Jordan would then go on to release his second EP titled SHOWTIME and a popular single "OPPS GONE" featuring Snoopy Dior. During this period, he would release monthly projects and singles. "FOR THE GANG", Milk 2 and "Coochie Bandits" would follow in the later months.

2022: The Debut Era[edit | edit source]

This section discusses the albums: CHEEZUS, LIFE OF THE PARTY, and WORLDWIDE SUPERSTARS

On April 28, 2022, Milk Man would drop a huge song titled "Slide" featuring AladdinThaGreatest and Hate.senpai, which went on to gain thousands of plays. He would release another single titled "HOT CHEETO GURLS" a few weeks later.

In June, Milk Man would reach out to Yung Cheese Slice in hopes for him to feature on his song. They recorded a track and from there on out Milk Man came up with the idea to drop a collab album that would change the world. The single for the album "GREEN" was released on June 3, 2022 to critical acclaim from the Flex Entertainment community. The album CHEEZUS was released on June 5th which included hits such as "War" ft. Lil Mosquito Disease and Alamo. CHEEZUS would mark the beginning of the frequent collaboration between Milk Man and Yung Cheese Slice.

Milk Man would soon after release his debut 9-track solo album LIFE OF THE PARTY featuring hits like "Lemon 8" ft. Lil Squeaky and "That's Me" ft. Sleepy Jay and Yung Cheese Slice. In the summer of 2022 he would release a few singles separate from any project which included "Tango" ft. Lil Rocket Launcher and "MVP" ft. TTS Hostile. Milk Man would then go on to begin planning the sequel to CHEEZUS with Yung Cheese Slice.

On October 14, 2022, Milk and Cheese would release a new single titled "Stroganoff" featuring Lil Squeaky. This song was a massive hit especially on Spotify and the Flex Entertainment YouTube channel. It was the lead single for "WORLDWIDE SUPERSTARS" subtitled CHEEZUS II. The album would release November 25, 2022, featuring rappers such as Kenny Mgee, Waday, Flexuga and more.

Jan 2023–March 2023: Flex Up Era[edit | edit source]

This section discusses the albums: Milk 3, Flex Up, and Flex Up (Deluxe)

The official cover for Flex Up (Deluxe) by Milk Man
The official cover for Flex Up (Deluxe) by Milk Man

In January of 2023, Milk Man would release the third entry in the Milk series as an album. It featured rappers such as Waday, AladdinTheGreatest and Levelboy. Milk Man would finally sign to the record label Flex Entertainment and announced a new project titled Flex Up set to release on February 17, 2023. The single for Flex Up, "McLovin" featuring Mushii and Young Seagull, would release on Valentines Day to critical acclaim and got many fans hyped for the project, only 3 days away.

Flex Up released on February 17th as Milk Man's debut Flex album. The album featured many hits such as "WaveGang" ft. Levelboy, "We'll Be Fine", and "Unwind" ft. Lil Mosquito Disease. It would go on to receive generally positive reviews. A few days later, Milk Man would announce that Flex Up (Deluxe) would drop on March 10th.

The deluxe would contain 6 more tracks alongside the original track list along with a cover designed by longtime background collaborator and artist Satanichu. Contrary to his intentions and plans to promote the deluxe project, Milk Man would abandon the deluxe and release it with very little promotion and seeing the project as a failure. Instead of continuing to work on the Deluxe, he would instead progressively work on a project which had been in development around the same time as Worldwide Superstars.

April 2023–Present: Wave Runner Era[edit | edit source]

This section discusses the upcoming album: Wave Runner

The leaked cover for Wave Runner by Milk Man
The leaked cover for Wave Runner by Milk Man

Throughout 2022 and 2023, Milk Man would work on and off on an album simply titled Wave Runner. The album was originally planned to consist of trap and electronic music taking strong influence from American rap artists Future and Travis Scott. Milk Man would begin work on Wave Runner in September of 2022 but would eventually take a major shift direction. In March of 2023, Wave Runner would transition into a much more experimental rock rap oriented album. In mid-March, Milk Man would hold a private Wave Runner listening party to demo the first 4 songs. During the demo, Jordan would go on to explain that he had plans to section off the album into segments of afrobeats, rock rap, electronic rap, and soft rap. The approach would be to convey multiple different emotions throughout the different sections, and in late April, Milk Man would demo the full album to a small group for feedback on the finished project.

On April 15th, Milk Man would announce that he would release Wave Runner on June 22nd, and on April 22nd, Satanichu would subsequently leak the track list, album length, and album cover for Wave Runner on the Flex Entertainment Discord server. 6 days later, on April 28th, Milkman would release the first single for Wave Runner titled "Bali." The song is an afrobeats style rap song featuring vocals from Ataystunt, rapping from Luxxisdead, and a cover from Satanichu. The release of the single proved the legitimacy of the leak as Bali was one of the songs included on the tracklist.

On may 26th, 2023 he released his 4th solo album, wave runner.. It received raving reviews from fans and Milk Man said that it would be his ‘final album in a long time’.