From Flex Entertainment
Born 2010
Age 13
Place of birth Somewhere in Minecraft
Marital Unknown
Height 156 cm
Weight 40 kg
Eyes Brown
Relatives Yung Gramma (grandmother)
Aliases Munt-jaxolantern

Jaxass Owen OJ

Muntjax is a French - American 13 year old rapper and producer signed to record label Flex Entertainment on October 21st, 2023, right after turning 13. He is known for his upcoming massive collaboration project with Lil Ambatukum

Childhood and private life[edit | edit source]

Muntjax has been quite unclear at the moment about his other-than-flexer life. He is an only child and is bilingual. He also wears glasses.

Music career[edit | edit source]

Beginnings (2022-february 2023)[edit | edit source]

Muntjax started off with a 'fun' song, "Snowman", which features an terribly sung acapella and samples popular producer WYS' song with the same title. Although it received negative reviews, it has gained over 400 views and has become one of his most iconic songs to date.

In March 2022, he released 2 singles. The first one being "DODO", which was so bad it made him famous among his classmates, and the second one being "Mon Poto", this time receiving good reception. As Muntjax had to keep up with his exams and couldn't stop getting asked to do freestyles, he gave up on music for a while, releasing a producer track called "#casquetteàl'envers" in April. The instrumental volume was so high the vocals were practically inaudible, so again this song received negative reviews.

On April 31st he would release his best song to date, "Vitesse Limite". It is acapella but features a 4-track harmony and some bass notes. In May he released a remix of that song this time having a beat. It has gained great scores and 600 views ever since. Three more songs came in along with another, "RX", released in October, about a week before his birthday. As he was entering 8th grade he quit music for 7 months.

In February he released "Before I Go". It was mainly ignored and thoroughly criticized, which lead Muntjax to go into hiding for another 7 months.

Perception of Gucci[edit | edit source]

After getting unbanned, Muntjax got signed to Flex, something he was longing for so much. He came back with a song called "My World", the lead single to his debut album, "Perception of Gucci". It received mixed reviews. Muntjax would then release the second single to the album, "Switch", with his friend Lil Ambatukum. The album has 5 tracks done so far. A week later he would make and release a music video fpr the song. This video features screen recordings of Muntjax playing Roblox and was allegedly filmed in an hour.

On November 19th, he temporarily left Flex for an inappropriate comment. Meanwhile, he started filming his own show, a roblox-based « Last to Leave » series, where each episode is a game. Even though the series only occasionally posts on Youtube (with popular episodes like « The Punisher »), people have been impressed at his skills at the game. He is the best player of his city with 7 wins in two weeks and has had a streak of 24 top-ten episodes.

Musical style[edit | edit source]

All Muntjax music is chill trap. He has often been made fun of for layering his songs with autotune. Following the commercial success but critical pan of « Switch » and « My World », he has started doing rage and exploring other genres such as horrorcore, scientific rap, and rage.

Discography[edit | edit source]

Singles (as solo artist)[edit | edit source]

Title Year Charts Certifications Album


"Snowman" 2022 non-album singles
"Mon Poto"
"#casquette à l'envers"
"Vitesse Limite"
"Before I Go" 2023
"My World" 13 Perception of Gucci
"Switch" 26

Promotional Singles[edit | edit source]

Title Year Charts Certifications Album


"ALONE IN THE DARKNESS" 2022 - - non-album singles
"BAGBOI BACK" 2023 - -

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • His discography goal is to feature on every single project from Flex, which he shares with his labelmate Lil Ambatukum
  • He is really, really good at science
  • His friends describe him as a « prettyboy » always asking them about his good looks
  • Hi Muntjax its me RK8
  • He ate noodles a year ago and said in the Flex Entertainment discord server, “We ate noodles today”