From Flex Entertainment
Born 2005
Age 18
Place of birth London, England, U.K.
Marital Unknown
Height 5"10
Weight Unknown
Eyes Brown
Relatives Yung Brit Boi (Nephew)
Aliases Young Mush
Melon Gang CEO

Mushii (Born 2005) is a British rapper currently signed to Flex Entertainment and formerly signed to Swag Gang Records. He is a current member of inactive band "PepeJammers", a duo he formed with friend and fellow meme rapper Blueboi. He first gained fame when his song "BEN" started getting streams, sitting at 20,000 streams by the end of 2022. His best known songs are "BEN", "L Bozo", "I Took The Wock To Poland" "I Wanna Take A Shit Inside Of Walmart" & "Bri'ish". Mushii usually raps with a melodic flow and smothering autotune over self-produced Yeat/Travis Scott type beats.

Childhood and before rap career (2005-2019)[edit | edit source]

Mushii was born in the year 2005, in a London hospital. He grew up playing a lot of video games and listening to pop music.

Beginning of rap career (Late 2020)[edit | edit source]

Mushii began his rap career in late 2020 recording over YouTube beats with BlueBoi, a fellow rapper Mushii had become friends with. In Early 2021, Mushii would release a couple of solo singles on SoundCloud, titled "Fast" and "Inspirational" however they were eventually deleted because he thought the songs weren't good enough. Mushii would release his first projects as well but they were deleted and Mushii no longer counts them as part of his discography.

PepeJammers era (2021 - Early 2022)[edit | edit source]

During 2021 - April 2022, his formed his group PepeJammers, going on to make a lot of meme-rap albums. The group consisted of Mushii and BlueBoi. It was also Mushii's introduction to producing music, albeit a lot of the PepeJammers songs used free beats. The classic PepeJammers records can still be found on the old PepeJammers SoundCloud profile. In November 2021, PepeJammers got onto streaming platforms as Mushii bought DistroKid's lowest tier for a year as he believed that PepeJammers had the potential to blow up.

In March, a PepeJammers song named "Ben" was released onto streaming platforms. While it was credited as a PepeJammers song, it was more of a solo Mushii song as it was just Mushii on the track. It was first previewed on Mushii's Twitch livestreams, a few weeks before release. The song would prove to be a massive hit, gaining over 20,000 streams by the end of 2022. As his success grew, Mushii knew that it was time to begin producing and making music more than ever.

The PepeJammers would release three projects in this time period (November 2021 - April 2022), the "PepeJammers" compilation EP, the "Pepe City!" EP, and the "The Life Of Pepe 2" mixtape.

"BEN" ended up releasing on The Life Of Pepe 2 and received a music video along with fellow track "Tractor".

Solo Beginnings, "Monda" & "Whole Lotta Melons" (July - August 2022)[edit | edit source]

When Mushii first set out to pursue solo music as a real career, he spent a couple of months in the spring crafting what is now known as "Monda". In the beginning, a lot of the tracks from Monda were originally going to be included on the rumoured "Pepe Planet" mixtape set to be released in 2022 by the PepeJammers.

His debut mixtape "Monda" was made in a matter of a few weeks, and at one point Mushii scrapped the project. But despite troubled production, it eventually released on July 20, 2022 to low success, however the albums biggest single and remix of hit song "Rocking A Cardigan In Atlanta" By Lil Shordie Scott "I Wanna Take A Shit Inside Of Walmart" ended up becoming a sleeper hit in late October 2022

Mushii would go on to release his second mixtape "Whole Lotta Melons" on August 28th 2022. This would feature fellow meme rappers BlueBoi, Yung Brit Boi and McMoanin. Mushii would hype this album up more than ever during August, with hit singles like Purple and L Bozo (Ft. Yung Brit Boi) becoming instant hits. Unfortunately, nowadays Mushii looks back at this project as bloated, however still having some highlights.

"Mushii Made This" Swag Gang Records "MELON MODE" & Flex Entertainment signing (September - December 2022)[edit | edit source]

Following the success of "Whole Lotta Melons", Mushii almost immediately began work on a EP to drop during late 2022. Unnamed at the time, some songs were already being created in September 2022 such as "Direct Relay" and "Zu Viel Drip". In October 2022, a meme would be skyrocketed to popularity, that being the song "Poland" by Lil Yachty. Mushii took the opportunity when the song was not on streaming yet to make a meme rap cover. Hours after Mushii's cover released, the official song put onto streaming platforms. The song could have been much more successful but nonetheless it did amass 1,000 streams in under a month. At this point, the EP would convert into a mixtape with 8 tracks, featuring Milk Man, Yung Brit Boi, Kenny Mgee and McMoanin. It wouuld then go on to be named "Mushii Made This". The mixtape would release on Oct 31st, 2022 to high praise.

In November 2022, Mushii was contacted by meme rapper Yung T and was subsequently signed to T's infamous label Swag Gang Records. It collapsed just a mere week later after a failed merge with Flex Entertainment leading Mushii to leave. Though in his time there, Mushii had made friends with artists Nero, Yung T, TopHat & Yung Slayer, artists who he would later collaborate with many times. After this occurred, Mushii began trying to join Flex Entertainment, as his alter-ego Yung Cheese Slice was already signed to it, yet he was making more Mushii music. He got eventually was signed late November 2022. Mushii continued to collaborate with Yung T, and they both decided to speedrun a project, an EP that they would drop for fun. "MELON MODE" spanned 4 tracks all created in one day using free YouTube beats, a throwback to the PepeJammers days. The EP was mostly received positively with Mushii and T teasing a second installment. It also marked Mushii's first inclusions of the Flex Top 100 with the songs "Melon Flex" and "TRAPPIN" with "TRAPPIN" being called one of Mushii's best songs despite the terrible mixing.

In December 2022, Mushii would drop a remix to his hit song Bri'ish with an added Milk Man feature. He would also release music videos for "Duran Duran", "Bri'ish" "I Took The Wock To Poland" and "Got A Cold", four popular songs from Mushii Made This.

FLEXIN WIT DA SHROOMS, IIHSUM, and more (January 2023 - April 2023)[edit | edit source]

"FLEXIN WIT DA SHROOMS" was a collaborative EP between Mushii and Flexuga. The project was not Mushii and Flexuga's first time collaborating, as they had both collaborated previously on Flexuga's hit song "M.U.L.E" a couple weeks before the announcement. The 3 track long EP was released on January 3, 2023 to high praise. Track 2 from the EP "EXTINCTION" became the single and a music video was released the same day of the EP's release.

After this, Mushii announced his 4th Mixtape "IIHSUM" set to release in February 2023. Mushii first announced the project in November 2022, where he stated "the next project is now in the making". On November 23rd, a snippet for a song titled "Northern Lights" was uploaded to Twitter and Discord. The song was later scrapped and given to Yung T. On December 30th, Mushii announced on Discord that it was expected to release in February 2023. Furthermore, on January 28th 2023 the coverart and release date was announced for the mixtape. But soon, the tides turned with Mushii changing it into an EP. Around this time, Mushii was also teasing a sequel to "Monda" named "Monda 2" but it was swiftly cancelled.

On February 5, 2023, Mushii announced the lead single for IIHSUM "CAME BACK FROM THE GRAVE". Mushii later unveiled that IIHSUM was set to become a mixtape again after he changed plans and revamped the tracklist slightly. The 9 track project released on March 10, 2023 to mixed reviews from critics and fans. While fellow artists levelboy and TopHat praised the projects, others labelled it "unfinished" and calling the AutoTune used on several tracks "atrocious" with Yung T saying that it was not worth the wait. IIHSUM could become a very controversial Mushii project in the near future - or it may grow on people, who knows?

IIHSUM featured other meme rappers such as BlueBoi, KOFFDROP and Milk Man and was Mushii's first full-length mixtape under the Flex Entertainment record label. Its release was followed by "CAME BACK FROM THE GRAVE"'s rise to popularity, peaking at No. 11 on the Flex Charts. In the following month, the British rapper released a 5-track EP, which consists of remixes of his hit song ‘Bri’ish’.

Upcoming debut album and DON'T TRIP (May 2023 - now)[edit | edit source]

After the release of IIHSUM, Mushii started to take a hiatus on talking with his community and also releasing new music. Bri'ish + Remixes did release but that was mainly just 3 new remixes of a previously existing song "Bri'ish" from about half a year ago.

Debut Album and single releases[edit | edit source]

It turns out Mushii has been working on a debut album as early as April 2023, as he announced it on Discord "Debut album in the works!" in May 2023. Not much is known about the project so far. Mushii stated in an exclusive interview with us "more will be shared about the debut album following the release of DON'T TRIP, don't expect the release for quite a while".

On August 4th, Mushii released the single "MANSION" featuring frequent collaborators BlueBoi and Levelboy - it is unclear as to whether or not this single will be featured on Mushii's upcoming debut album.

On October 26th, Mushii would release "Spooky Freestyle ft. KOFFDROP" as a SoundCloud exclusive. A generally well received freestyle.

On October 27th in the late evening, Mushii would stealth-drop another new single on SoundCloud "Freddy Fazbear Er Er Er Er ft. Yung Brit Boi", a clearly meme-inspired track sampling the Freddy Fazbear meme, Mushii revealed in a exclusive interview with Flex Entertainment "we probably finished recording the track and coming up with lyrics in like 20 minutes or less".

DON'T TRIP collaborative mixtape[edit | edit source]

On May 20th 2023, Mushii would create a tweet containing the phrase "DON'T TRIP", fans would question what this meant.

On May 22nd, Mushii would release a snippet for a song titled "Panama", and that a new collaborative project with Milk Man was in the works, titled the previously mentioned phrase "DON'T TRIP".

On June 9th, another snippet would release for the intro track "WISHLIST", it was met with positive reception.

On July 8th 2023, Mushii would announce his comeback single after nearly 4 months "STAB BACK", featuring American rapper Milk Man. The single was released on July 14th to critical acclaim from the Flex community and veteran Mushii fans, praising the hook along with the catchy melodies. One fan commented on the single: "The best of comebacks is here". It was later revealed that STAB BACK would be the lead single to DON'T TRIP.

On August 18th, Milk Man teased the mixtape's artwork on the Flex Entertainment discord - two days later, a new snippet was revealed titled "Michael Bay", a melodic song with a piano-based instrumental.

On August 24th, the mixtape artwork was revealed alongside a vague release date of September 2023, this later proved to not occur.

On October 15th, Mushii announced the tracklist and a new release date for the mixtape - October 20th 2023.

The mixtape would release on October 20th to critical acclaim from MG, Northside and Flex fans worldwide.

Leaving flex[edit | edit source]

Mushii, during the Leave Flex Crisis, decided to leave Flex on December 17th. He’s still making music, just not under the Flex Entertainment label.

Discography[edit | edit source]

Monda[edit | edit source]

Type: Mixtape

Released: July 20th 2022.

Whole Lotta Melons[edit | edit source]

Type: Mixtape

Released: August 28th 2022.

Mushii Made This[edit | edit source]

Type: Mixtape

Released: October 31st 2022.

MELON MODE[edit | edit source]

Type: EP [Collaboration with Yung T]

Released: November 19th 2022.

FLEXIN WIT DA SHROOMS[edit | edit source]

Type: EP [Collaboration with Flexuga]

Released: January 3rd, 2023.

IIHSUM[edit | edit source]

Type: Mixtape

Released: March 10th, 2023.

Bri'ish + Remixes


Released: April 14th, 2023.

DON'T TRIP[edit | edit source]

Type: Mixtape

Released: October 20th, 2023.

Singles[edit | edit source]

List of singles
Title Year Charts Certifications Album
"BEN" 2022 The Life Of Pepe 2
"Purple" Whole Lotta Melons
"L Bozo"
"I Took The Wock To Poland" Mushii MadeThis
"Johnny Johnny"
(with Flexuga)
22 15 N/A
"Bri'ish (Remix)"
(feat. Kenny Mgee)
7 5
"Lil Shitty Pants Diss Track"
"Duran Duran"
(feat. Milk Man)
20 11 Mushii Made This
(with Flexuga)
"Direct Relay" Mushii Made This
"I Wanna Take A Shit Inside Of Walmart" 11 7 Monda
"Got A Cold"
(feat. Milk Man)
67 36 TBA
"Came back from the grave" 11 46 85
(with Milk Man feat. Young Seagull)
12 6 17 Flex Up
‘’Heart On My Sleeve’’ (with Embee) TBA
"STAB BACK" ft Milk Man 97 DON’T TRIP
"MANSION" (feat. levelboy, TopHat and BlueBoi) _ _ _ _
« SPOOKY FREESTYLE » (with Koffdrop


This is a list of all singles where Mushii has been featured.


  1. Yung Slayer- Peace And Quiet ft. Mushii
  2. wakeupkye- FORTNITE FREESTYLE ft. Mushii


  1. Mcmoanin-Pound Town ft.Mushii
  2. Yung Slayer - Nobody On Me ft. Mushii, Yung T, twisted wizard
  3. Yung slayer, Levelboy- Why you like that? Ft.Mushii
  4. Yung Slayer- Clout ft.Mushii
  5. Levelboy- city life ft. Mushii
  6. Yung Centipede- Machu Pichu ft.Mushii

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Mushii has a love for watermelons and raps about the "Melon Gang" in a lot of songs.
  • He began producing music early 2021.
  • His favourite show is Breaking Bad.
  • His birthday is September, 13, as it’s seen on his Twitter account. Also, it’s 2 days after the 9/11 incident.
  • His favorite Nintendo switch game is Mario Odyssey