Tending Bike

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Tending Bike
Born May 9, 2005
Place of birth London, Ontario, Canada
Marital None
Height 5'9" 1/2
Weight Unknown
Eyes Unknown
Relatives One Sister)
Aliases Big Lil (formerly)
M.A.R.C.05 (formerly)
MARC (formerly)
Tending Bike Leaf (formerly)
ARI ADDICT (formerly)
B1ke (briefly)
Tending B1ke (briefly)

Marc Varela, (born May 9, 2005) better known by his stage name Tending Bike, and formerly known as Big Lil, and Tending Bike Leaf as well as various other stage names, is a Canadian rapper, songwriter, voice actor and ocassional singer. He was first signed to Flex Entertainment from early 2019 to mid 2020 and is considered one of the first and most iconic artists to ever be in the label. He has been kicked and signed back numerous times throughout the label's history, most recently being resigned on April 26, 2022 after a widespread campaign in the Flex Discord server.

He is best known for singles such as "Glizzy", "Insane", "Air Jordans", "I'm Crazy", "SpiderBike", "Backseat", which became his first Flex Entertainment Hot 100 number one single, and especially his "Crotch Music" song series. His albums "Tha Shop" and "Tending Bike" contain various hit singles that have performed well on the Flex Hot 100.

His music features a deep, sultry distinct vocal cadence and inflection reminiscent of drill rappers like Pop Smoke or West Coast rappers like Blueface. He also has a specialized flow that many have called "offbeat" as well as his lyricism that heavily contains the use of "the Yung Lambo effect" of shouting out a random Flex artist and following the bar up by saying "like this person I did this".

Tending Bike is also extremely controversial as he has gotten into all sorts of incidents with other Flex artists, most often being Yung Lambo. He is well known for his short temper and his various social and anger issues that have been prevalent in the voice calls on the Flex Entertainment Discord Server.

Career[edit | edit source]

Lil Big and The Contender (2019-2020)[edit | edit source]

Under the stage name Big Lil, Tending Bike was signed to the label in the first months of Flex, and flew under the radar for a long time. His best-known songs during his first run included "Air Jordans," "Insane," and "Matrix." He landed successful features on Lil Squeaky's "Menace" and "Menace 2" during this stint as well.

Bike announced his second mixtape Lil Big in January 2020, set to release in May. However, the mixtape would soon be canceled. He would break the intended tracks down into two EPs: Lil Big (Brain) and The Contender, both of which were met with generally negative reception. A third EP "Drinkin' Soda" with longtime friend LEGGOLAND, was set to release in July, preceded by the lead single "H8TRZ," but was eventually scrapped.

He was initially kicked out of the label in July and joined CRZRecords (later Billion Dollar Records). He became an executive in Billion Dollar Records, but later resigned the position and left the label.

On September 20, 2020, he was signed back to Flex Entertainment after the release of his single "Backseat" which was seen by many to be a very fun and enjoyable song that contained the Flex spirit despite him not being at the label when the song dropped.

In late 2020, a number of old Tending Bike songs from his Big Lil days were leaked, including "To the Moon" featuring $LUMP, "Crip With a Sticc" featuring Lil Mosquito Disease and J1D, and most importantly, "Side Effects" featuring Lil Kolya and Lil PP, which quickly gained notoriety in the label and received a surprise remix featuring Lil Squeaky, Lil Mosquito Disease, and Yung Lambo.

Biker Gang, Tha Shop, and Bike's Fun Adventure (2021)[edit | edit source]

On January 17, 2021, Bike along with Flex Entertainment executive Yung Lambo started the short-lived collective "Biker Gang". The collective became less known for its music and more known for Bike and Lambo's constant arguing about how the collective should be run, before its eventual demise.

A day later the collective released "Biker Gang Sings The Classics" inspired by Lil Squeaky's April 2020 live mixtape "Squeaky Sings the Classics" the project.

Bike ended up leaving the collective in May of 2021, which officially disbanded on August 23, 2021.

In January, Bike released a remix to "Backseat," which featured fellow Flex Entertainment rapper LEGGOLAND. The song was a surprise hit, accumulating over a thousand plays on SoundCloud within a week of releasing. A highly controversial and negatively received remix, it immediately went to number one on the Flex Entertainment Hot 100. Despite the remix's negative reception, many saw this as a big victory for Bike, an artist who was once shunned from the label but was now on top of the charts.

On March 12, 2021, Bike released his long-awaited debut studio album "Tha Shop", creatively directed and executive produced by Yung Lambo. The album contained features from Hood Guy, Lil Sperm, Young Seagull, Lambo, LEGGOLAND and Lil Squeaky. The album was released to positive reception; however, as time went by, listeners began to reconsider their opinions and began attributing most of the album's quality and enjoyability to Yung Lambo's direction.

He left the label on April 23, 2021, but signed back on May 3, 2021. About eight days later, he made the decision to depart from the label for good and had "no intentions on returning" anytime soon. Bike started his own label called "Bike Shop Records" on October 27, 2021. Bike Shop Records ended a month later after Bike sold the label to Embee. His second studio album "Bike's Fun Adventure" was released on November 12th, 2021. The album was met with catastrophically negative reception and was immediately labeled the worst album of all time by numerous former fans and nearly killed his career. The album has since slightly rebounded in its reception, being seen by many as at least being funny.

Tending Bike and Bike's Fun Adventure 2 (2022)[edit | edit source]

In the early months of 2022, Bike focused on consistently releasing new singles every week such as "Military," "Blue Jeans," and "Crotch Music." This musical activity was inspired by Squeaky's massive run of singles during this period. Around the same time, a large fan campaign began to gain traction proposing that Bike should be signed back to Flex Entertainment. More and more Flex Entertainment artists and fans began to endorse this movement, with only a select few executives opposing signing him back, as even Lil Mosquito Disease, Yung Lambo, and Beetlebat joined his side. This caused a large amount of controversy, particularly due to the fact that Bike was being denied entry into Flex by a single executive, especially after label executive Payden McKnight was the only person against signing Bike back. Many Bike supporters stated that he was being "filibustered" out of Flex, and questioned why other artists were being signed by single executives, but Tending Bike had to receive confirmation from all executives. After Payden finally announced his support, Tending Bike was signed back to Flex Entertainment on April 26, 2022.

Bike released his self-titled third studio album on July 8, 2022, preceded by the singles "Buss" featuring CRZFawkz and Lil Jxck and the smash hit "SpiderBike." Every song was produced by Lil Squeaky. The album received positive reception from listeners, many of whom became Bike fans again after the album's release. Bike's loose and strange performances on the album in particular received praise, with several songs being deemed surprisingly catchy. Around the same time, Bike released a compilation of scrapped songs, Sorry We're Closed!: A Collection Of The Finest Tending Bike Fun Summer Bangers. He has also been teasing the release of a deluxe edition to his self-titled album. A fourth studio album, titled Biking Type Music, was briefly announced for a September release but was quickly scrapped.

On November 18, Bike would release his fourth studio album and sequel to his second album. The album was titled "Bike's Fun Adventure 2" and featured appearances from various artists including Lil Mosquito Disease, HOOD GUY, Kenny Mgee, Lil Squeaky and LEGGOLAND. The album was universally panned by almost all fans and critics citing the incredibly lazy song ideas, unfunny lyrics and poor performance from Bike. Flex Entertainment star Kenny Mgee claimed that "the tending bike charm has left people after listening to basically the same for the past 2 -3 years".[1] The only known defenders of the project other than Bike himself were sacked Flex artist Twisted Wizard and Flex superstar Lil Squeaky who both claimed the album was being hated on purely by "the mob". The album would also become very controversial as Tending Bike would rage and scream about how Yung Lambo claimed the album was worse than "Frick Da System" by Australian provocateur and rapper BAGBOI MUFFIN. Bike would attempt to go into another emo arc and change all his profile pictures to black but was promptly stopped by Lil Mosquito Disease and Yung Lambo who told Bike to "grow a pair".

Waves Forever (2023)[edit | edit source]

Since the release of "Bike's Fun Adventure 2", Bike hadn't released any new material and seemed completely demotivated. Instead, the executives decided to have Tending Bike make an album titled "Bike's Fun Adventure 3", playing into the failure of Bike's Fun Adventure 2. This album would earn the nickname "BOFA". Tending Bike objected to this, wishing to instead work on the music he actually wanted to make, and asked Jorge De Guzman to make a fake album. On March 27, Jorge released "BOFA: Bike's Fun Adventure 3" to YouTube and Soundcloud. It featured several shitposts, with Jorge, along with Royal Flush and Yung Snoozy, delivering first-draft bars in order to speedrun the album. Jorge was made to have the album removed from Youtube by the execs. This version of BOFA has been given the nickname "The People's BOFA". The execs claim that the "real" BOFA is still on the way. On his eighteenth birthday, Bike announced his fifth studio album "Waves Forever" scheduled for July 28 with a lead single on the way.

Discography[edit | edit source]

Studio Albums[edit | edit source]

Title Details Peak chart positions Sales Certifications
Tha Shop
  • Released: March 12, 2021
  • Label: Flex Entertainment
  • Formats: Digital download, streaming
16 2
  • BMP: 270,000
  • FLEX: Gold
Bike's Fun Adventure
  • Released: November 12, 2021
  • Label: Bike Shop Records, Flex Entertainment
  • Formats: Digital download, streaming
22 6
  • BMP: 190,000
Tending Bike 14 2
  • BMP: 560,000
  • FLEX: Platinum
Bike's Fun Adventure 2
  • Released: November 18, 2022
  • Label: Flex Entertainment
  • Formats: Digital download, streaming
19 5
  • BMP: 120,000
Waves Forever TBA TBA

EPs[edit | edit source]

Title Details Peak chart positions Sales Certifications
Lil Big (Brain)
  • Released: March 16, 2020
  • Label: Flex Entertainment
  • Formats: Digital download, streaming
The Contender
  • Released: May 15, 2020
  • Label: Flex Entertainment
  • Formats: Digital download, streaming
  • BMP: 40,000

Mixtapes[edit | edit source]

Title Details Peak chart positions Sales Certifications
  • Released: November 24, 2019
  • Label: Flex Entertainment
  • Formats: Digital download, streaming
7 6
  • BMP: 200,000
Subzero 2
  • Released: April 25, 2021
  • Label: Flex Entertainment
  • Formats: Digital download, streaming

Compilation Albums[edit | edit source]

Title Details Peak chart positions Sales Certifications
Lil Big Trilogy
  • Released: September 15, 2020
  • Label: Flex Entertainment
  • Formats: Digital download, streaming
43 6
  • BMP: 60,000
  • Released: September 15, 2020
  • Label: Bike Shop Records, Flex Entertainment
  • Formats: Digital download, streaming
37 11
  • BMP: 60,000
Father of All 6
Sorry We're Closed!: A Collection Of The Finest Tending Bike Fun Summer Bangers 1
  • BMP: 50,000
  • FLEX: Gold

Singles[edit | edit source]

List of singles
Title Year Charts Certification Album
"Insane" 2019 Subzero
(featuring Yung Schmoobin & A.J.)
(featuring Leggoland)
2020 81 The Contender
(featuring CRZFawkz & Lil Squeaky)
"Cool Aid"
(featuring Hood Guy)
(featuring The Weeknd)
1 1 9
  • FLEX: 4x Platinum
Yung Flexer
"Glizzy" 11 7 9
  • FLEX: Platinum
"Side Effects" 36 32 18
  • FLEX: Gold
non-album single
(featuring Yung Lambo)
2021 8 5 6
  • FLEX: Gold
(featuring Yung Lambo, Lil Mosquito Disease, & LEGGOLAND)
56 72 36 non-album single
"Blastin" 19 12 Subzero 2
"I Feel Unstoppable"
(featuring WT or LEGGOLAND)
90 Bike's Fun Adventure
(featuring Lil Joof)
non-album single
"Opps Ain't Ready"
(featuring Hood Guy)
Bike's Fun Adventure
"Military" 2022 82 98 N/A
(featuring Depp Gibbs & Treebeard)
78 65 Bike's Fun Adventure
"Glock19" 93 N/A
"Blue Jeans" 78
"Hillside" 96
"Gang Party" 75 53
"Friend Zone"
(featuring CRZFawkz)
57 40 Bike's Fun Adventure
"Crotch Music" 56
  • FLEX: Gold
"Spider Bike" 3 6 1
  • FLEX: 3x Platinum
(featuring Lil Jxck & CRZFawkz)
4 10 3
  • FLEX: Platinum
"Blue Jeans 2" 51 38 N/A
"Crotch Music 2" 5 22 2
  • FLEX: Gold
"Fazt Carz"
(with Lil Squeaky)
28 27 37 15
  • FLEX: Gold
(solo or feat. Leggohost)
21 16 Bike's Fun Adventure
(feat. White Fury)
22 17
(with Leggoland)
93 76 Throwaways
"Welcome To Ontario"
(feat. Koffdrop & CRZFawkz)
9 58 5
  • FLEX: Gold
(feat. Lil Squeaky)
16 36 10
  • FLEX: Gold
"I'm Crazy"
(feat. Kenny Mgee & Hood Guy)
22 57 25
  • FLEX: Gold
(with Flexuga & Koffdrop)
46 32 TBA
"Biker Walk" 67 56 TENDING BIKE
"Sinister" 33 29
  • FLEX: Gold
"What Can I Do?"
(with Lil Squeaky)
24 64 12 Bike's Fun Adventure 2

Promotional Singles[edit | edit source]

List of promotional singles
Title Year Charts Certification Album
"Air Jordans"
(as Big Lil featuring Yung Fizz)
2019 68 46 58
  • FLEX: Gold
"Yung Lambo Diss Track" 2021 99 63 N/A
"Air Jordans 3"
(featuring FuegoFizz, CRZFawkz, & Wild Wes)
21 25 27
  • FLEX: Platinum
Flex Gang, Vol. 3
"Crashed The Lambo (Yung Lambo Diss)" 2022 76 Sorry We're Closed!: A Collection Of The Finest Tending Bike Fun Summer Bangers
"Finish Line"
(feat. Leggoland)

Features[edit | edit source]

List of featured songs
Title Year Charts Certification Album
(Lil Squeaky featuring Big Lil and Lil Mosquito Disease)
2019 21 30 18 15 47
  • FLEX: 2x Platinum
Menace 2 Society
"Menace 2"
(Lil Squeaky featuring Big Lil, Lil Mosquito Disease and beetlebat)
24 9 31 18 20
  • FLEX: Platinum
"Menace 3"
(Lil Squeaky featuring Lil Mosquito Disease, Tending Bike, & Fastoosh Kaloosh)
2020 22 16 23 11
  • FLEX: Platinum
"Menace 5"
(Lil Squeaky feat. Lil Mosquito Disease, Tending Bike, & Lil Stuart Little)
2022 2 49 1 17
  • FLEX: 4x Platinum
"Who Want Smoke??"
(Lil Squeaky feat. Yung Head$hit, Tending Bike, & Lil Pinecone)
13 36 7
  • FLEX: Gold
non-album singles
"Perkys On The Dancefloor"
(Lil Squeaky feat. Tending Bike)
31 23
  • FLEX: Gold
"I See The Future"
(Lil Squeaky feat. Tending Bike)
26 17
"Menace 4"
(Lil Squeaky feat. Lil Mosquito Disease, Tending Bike, & Big Baller B)
1 33 14 1 8
(Chuck McGill feat. Tending Bike)
2023 4 64 2

Other Charted Songs[edit | edit source]

Title Year Charts Certification Album
"Mini Van"
(with Lil Toy Yoda)
2020 86 Lil Big (Brain)
"Black Hole" 2021 79 Bike's Fun Adventure
"Rush" 83
"Seven Gotta Dumpy"
(feat. Depp Gibbs)
2022 2 43 Sorry We're Closed!: A Collection Of The Finest Tending Bike Fun Summer Bangers
"Watches On Me"
(feat. Wild Wes & White Fury)
"Yung Flexer Reloaded"
(feat. beetlebat, Big Baller B, Bowser Judah, CRZFawkz, Depp Gibbs, Hood Guy, Leggoland, Lil Mosquito Disease, Lil Sperm, Lil Squeaky, White Fury, Ya Boy Payden, & Yung Lambo)
"Gas Station" 97
"Sorry, We're Closed" 55
  • FLEX: Gold
"Telling Da Vision" 99
"Skully" 98
"Tending Bike" 30 20 TENDING BIKE
(feat. Lil Mosquito Disease)
31 21
"Freestyle 5" 39 22
"BAD A$$ B**CH"
(feat. Royal Flush)
32 23
"Lazer Everywhere"
(feat. Viper)
41 24
"Future, Past, Present" 42 26
"Jarritos" 27 27
"Bih We Back"
(feat. Lil Soz)
43 28
"Draco Dancing"
(feat. Yung Head$hit)
26 31
"Buy It" 92
"Imma Trap" 83 93
"Going Crazy"
(feat. Mr Ice)
85 95
"Bentley Truck" 89 96
"Burn the City"
(with Ivan Knight & Lil Mosquito Disease)
17 13
  • FLEX: Platinum
Flex Gang, Vol. 4
"Scam Walk" 77 77 Throwaways
"The Will of the Smith"
(feat. LEGGOLAND, beetlebat, & CRZFawkz)
76 78
"Black Hole 2"
45 33 Bike's Fun Adventure 2
"Aquarium Park"
(feat. Lil Soz)
46 34
"Silent Hill"
(feat. Kenny Mgee & Hood Guy)
47 35
"I'm Crazy 2"
(feat. Kenny Mgee & Hood Guy)
41 36
"No Smoke 2"
(feat. Lil Mosquito Disease, White Fury, & Bowser Judah)
50 37
(feat. Lil Mosquito Disease)
51 38
(feat. CoryNash)
53 39
(feat. CoryNash)
54 40
"Pong" 55 41
"Rosalina" 56 42

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Tending Bike is the only musical artist in history to release a 4-part album and call it a trilogy.

Awards and nominations[edit | edit source]

Year Association Category Work Result
2023 Flex Awards Flop of the Year "Top" Won
Album of the Year "Tending Bike" Nominated
Best Posse Cut "3 Headed Glizzy" Nominated
"Menace 4" Won
Best Diss Track "Crash The Lambo" Nominated
Worst Single "Blue Jeans 2" Nominated