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Yung Cheese Slice[edit | edit source]

Yung Cheese Slice, also known as "Yung Cheese" or "Mushii", is a British rapper currently signed to Flex Entertainment. The rapper has amassed many fans over the past year, and as a result of Flex Entertainment achieved many milestones in his career.

History[edit | edit source]

Beginning[edit | edit source]

Yung Cheese Slice first began making music in late 2021. He first hopped on a PepeJammers song titled "Labbadubbada" which was a SoundCloud hit, achieving over 50 plays. He would release his debut self titled mixtape on October 2, 2021 to extremely little success. He would also release a mixtape titled "Emo" in late 2021 which was eventually deleted.

The Cheeseprints[edit | edit source]

On January 2, 2022, Yung Cheese Slice released his debut album "THE CHEESEPRINT" on SoundCloud. This mixtape again had very little success however he did receive a feature from Lil London on the album.

On March 9, 2022, Yung Cheese Slice would go on to release a sequel to THE CHEESEPRINT, titled "THE CHEESEPRINT 2". The album had more success than the first installment, and better tracks overall. The outro track "Diamonds" had a Yung Diamonds feature.

Following the success of THE CHEESEPRINT 2, Yung Cheese released a deluxe version of the album titled "THE CHEESEPRINT 2 [DELUXE]" on March 23, 2022. This would feature 4 new tracks and would include a song with a Zenthrack feature. After the release of the deluxe, Yung Cheese Slice submitted "Biddy Hole" to Flex Entertainment as an attempt to get signed. He was signed a few weeks later and became a legend.

CHEEZUS & CHEESE VISION[edit | edit source]

In June 2022, Yung Cheese would be contacted by fellow meme rapper "Milk Man" and they would collaborate on their first ever song together. This song has yet to be released to this date, but Yung Cheese Slice stated in an exclusive interview "it was a banger and really signified the beginning of our musical chemistry". They would go on to release CHEEZUS, one of the biggest Flex Entertainment albums of all time, with the outro track featuring the globally impactful artist known as Lil Mosquito Disease. CHEEZUS had signified Yung Cheese Slice as a Flex Entertainment legend, and his future was looking brighter than ever.

Later on in the same month, Yung Cheese would release an EP titled "CHEESE VISION" which received generally positive reviews. It featured KOFFDROP and Milk Man. Overall, the EP was forgotten not long after release and did not make a huge impact on Cheese's career; but it was still a good EP.

WORLDWIDE SUPERSTARS era[edit | edit source]

For a while, Yung Cheese Slice would make barely any music, however would tease a single that never dropped in September. "Dropping a song today Stay Tuned". No one really questioned why Yung Cheese Slice announced it in the first place.

In October 2022, Yung Cheese Slice and Milk Man would regroup together to release the sequel project to CHEEZUS, at the time being known as CHEEZUS 2. The hit single "Stroganoff" featuring Lil Squeaky was a massive success and brought Yung Cheese back into the limelight in general. The album was scheduled to drop in October however this did not happen which killed a bit of hype.

It would not be until November 25, 2022 when the album would finally release; featuring hit Flex artists such as Kenny Mgee and Flexuga. The album was relatively not a huge release like CHEEZUS however the quality of the songs were brilliant and really showed how far Yung Cheese Slice and Milk Man had come. On December 6, 2022, Yung Cheese Slice would release a new single "Yo Quiero Agua"; his first ever Spanish/Reggaeton song. However this would seem to be the end for Yung Cheese Slice.

The Future[edit | edit source]

Following the release of Yo Quiero Agua, there has been no news regarding Yung Cheese Slice. Meanwhile, Mushii has been releasing music more than ever. It is unclear on what the future of Yung Cheese Slice holds.

Discography[edit | edit source]

Solo albums[edit | edit source]

Name Release date Certifications
The Cheeseprint 2022
The Cheeseprint 2 2022

Collaborative albums[edit | edit source]

Name Date Certifications
Cheezus 2022
Worldwide Superstars 2022